How to play Game of error, how to play Drunky Finger

Drunky Finger is a fun game of chance that can cause you or others to be manipulated according to the requirements set in the game and everyone agrees.

This game defaults to those words in the drink. There will be buttons like Dong Khoi, drink one by yourself, half a cup, invite someone else … all the options on the table.

Your fun will be even more fun if you choose this random pattern. To know what Drunky Finger requires and how to use it, please follow the instructions below.

How to Play App Game of Mistakes, Drunky Finger

Step 1: Download the Drunky Finger wrong game app below, then open the app. Click Start to start playing, then a member of the table will place one finger on the screen and the circle will start running, you can place at most 5 fingers on the screen.

Download Drunky Finger for iOS

Step 2: The system will randomly select someone’s finger, and that person’s circle will be highlighted. Click again on the selected circle and you will be taken to the required menu.

Step 3: In this will have the default requirements as shown below. Dong Khoi is also better, if you drink a cup or half a cup by yourself or invite someone else with limited drinking, it will be easy to get drunk.

There are many other good words that you can use such as Bac Kan (drained), Cao Bang (pouring wine to equal and full cup), swimming (throwing all the cups into a bowl of wine to scoop) …

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the app is wrong

To add new words, exit the application and re-enter, and select Settings> Cards> Add New and write new card content plus card number and tap Save is okay again.

This is a fun application not only on the table but also for other fun. You can add new tags with different content to suit your fun.

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