How to print slides in Google Slides

Just as Google Docs supports document messaging, users can completely print Google Slides slides to serve their work. In particular, we can also optionally print notes in Google Slides or not, depending on our working purposes and needs. In addition, Google Slides also supports many different print display modes. The following article will guide you how to print slides in Google Slides.

Instructions for printing slides in Google Slides

Step 1:

First we open the slide to print on Google Slides, then click under File and select Settings and print preview.

Print settings

Step 2:

Now the presentation content will be displayed with a new interface, at the top is a toolbar so you can change the settings for the slide.

Google Slides print editing interface

Step 3:

In the case of slides with notes and users want to print all those notes, then you click option 1 slide with no notes, already Click next to a slide with notes.

Choose a print style in Google Slides

Immediately the presentation slide preview interface changed. Slides with notes will be displayed below as shown below.

Print all notes in Google Slides

Step 4:

In addition, Google Slides also provides select the number of slides in a print side. This helps you save paper and can print 2 sides of the paper, in case you only need to print the presentation slides for reference.

Also click on the print mode adjustment and select number of copies distributed in 1 printed page.

Choose the number of slides in Google Slides

The result of 1 printed page will be recorded by the number of slides you select as shown below.

Show the number of slides in Google Slides

Step 5:

In addition, you can also choose to print in landscape, or portrait format to match the selection of the number of slides in 1 page.

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Change size in Google Slides

Step 6:

Finally, after viewing and setting the print mode, you can print it as a PDF by clicking Download as PDF, or clicking the Print button to print the document.

Print in Google Slides

Thus, Google Slides has a lot of different options for us to customize the print depending on the purpose and work with the presentation print.

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