How to protect Facebook avatar with Multiple Tools for Facebook

The Multiple Tools for Facebook utility provides a lot of features, including a feature to protect personal Facebook avatars, to avoid being copied by others. In addition, you also have the option to download Messenger messages with the accounts you need, without having to use the data download feature on Facebook including Messenger messages that you do not need. The following article will guide you how to use the Multiple Tools for Facebook utility.

Step 1:

You access the link below to enter the utility installation interface.

Step 2:

Then we log into Facebook to link to the utility. At the interface of the utility you will see utility options on the left edge of the screen. Click Tools section to extend the utility’s tools.


1. Friend Remover deletes Facebook friends quickly

This tool will list friends Facebook accounts including active Facebook accounts or inactive Facebook accounts (Pro accounts only).

We just need Select the Facebook accounts you want to remove friends already press the Bye bye button above is done.

Delete friends in bulk

Now you just need press Unfriend to delete Facebook friends in bulk.

Agree to unfriend

2. Groups Scanner see which Facebook groups have joined

This tool will help you quickly see all the Facebook groups you are participating in and from there, we can leave Facebook groups in bulk quickly with just a few taps.

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Feature will search based on your Facebook ID, press Search button to see the list of Facebook groups. You click on Facebook groups want to leave then press Leave button above is done.

Leave a Facebook group in bulk

3. Pages Scanner finds Fanpage friends like

This feature will find out which Fanpage your friends have liked through Facebook ID. To find the Facebook ID of our friends, we follow this article.

Then we enter the User ID bar thanh and press the Search button to search below.

Find User ID

As a result, you will see a list of Fanpage that your friends have liked.

Fan page friends liked

4. Interaction Scanner check interaction

We can check interactions for public Facebook posts through this feature. Choose a time period for the post then press Update Now under.

Choose a post time

You will now see a list of the number of likes and comments on your Public Facebook posts.

Number of interactions

5. Privacy changer to change Facebook status posting mode

Privacy change will change the visibility for a series of Facebook posts for a period of time you choose, with 3 modes Public, Friends or Only Me.

Friend choose the time period for the posts, the post display mode you want to change Click Submit Change.

Choose a post time

As a result, all posts have changed to the new display mode you selected.

Change the status display mode

6. Message downloader downloads Messenger messages

We will choose who to download Messenger messages from through a list of all the messages that the feature supports. Or you can delete a batch of Messenger messages at the same time. The message file is downloaded in .html format.

Download Messenger messages

7. Profile Picture Guard protects Facebook avatar

Note, this Facebook avatar protection feature will only apply to the old version of Facebook.

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You just need to tap Shield up button to install a shield to protect your Facebook profile picture.

Protect your Facebook profile picture

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