How to save screenshots as PDF files on Windows 11, 10

Taking a screenshot of the computer screen is very simple, with many capture tools such as capturing with keyboard shortcuts, taking screenshots of Windows with Snipping Tool. And by default the screenshot will be in PNG or JPG format. So what if you want to convert screenshots on Windows with PDF files? In addition to converting images to PDF with other tools, you can immediately use the image format conversion feature available on Windows 10 and Windows 11 according to the instructions below.

Save Windows screenshots to PDF files with Photos

Step 1:

First of all, we take a screenshot of the computer screen as usual, then save the screenshot. At the screenshot, right-click on the image and select Open with > Photos.

Open photos with Photos

Step 2:

In this Photos interface, users click printer icon as shown below.

Press the printer in Photos

Step 3:

Show custom look in print, at Printer section choose a printer, you Click on Microsoft Print to PDF already Click the Print button under.

Customize PDF file transfer on Photos

In the end we choose choose the folder to save the PDF file take a screenshot and save the new file as usual.

Save screenshots as PDF files on Photos

Save Windows screenshots to PDF files with Paint

Step 1:

We Use the keyboard shortcut Print Screen Sysrq to take a screenshot paste into the interface of Paint.

Step 2:

Next, if needed, you can use the tools available in Paint to adjust the screenshot such as cropping the image if you want. Later Click on File in the top left corner and select Print > Print.

Print photos on Paint

Step 3:

Now also display the interface with print adjustment settings as shown. We click Microsoft Print to PDF to convert to PDF Next click Save.

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Choose to save image as PDF

We finally save this new PDF file.

Save image PDF

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