How to secure data with Jumbo: Privacy Assistant

Personal information on social networks or websites when users visit is very easy to steal, serve for advertising purposes or can sell customer information. To limit the collection of personal information, users can use some personal data deletion applications such as Jumbo: Privacy Assistant.

This application will enhance the security of personal data on some social networks or Google accounts. Accordingly, the application will delete the search history on Google that you make, delete tweets on Twitter or change some settings for Facebook to increase the privacy of account information. The following article will guide you how to use the Jumbo: Privacy Assistant application on iOS devices.

Instructions for deleting personal data with Jumbo: Privacy Assistant

Step 1:

Users download the Jumbo: Privacy Assistant application for iOS devices according to the link below.

Step 2:

User starts the app and taps arrow icon to switch to the new interface.

Install apps Introduction interface

Next, the user needs to agree to some notifications coming from the application.

App notifications Receive app notifications

Step 3:

Switching to the new interface, users will see the social networks that the application supports to delete personal data. If you want to do it with any account, move the circle button to the right.

Select the app

With Twitter Users can delete all tweets for the day, week, month, 3 months or 3200 tweets. Deleted tweets will be saved in your device or Dropbox or iCloud account.

Choose deletion time Choose a storage location

When choose Facebook, the app will change back 30 account settings, enhance privacy and limit ads. To know more about what Jumbo: Privacy Assistant will change the content of your Facebook account, visit the link below.

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The application offers 3 different configuration levels depending on the user’s choice, including Weak (weak privacy configuration), Medium (medium privacy configuration), Strong (strong privacy configuration).

Facebook security level Login Facebook

With Google Search then delete all searches including keywords, search time in 1 day, 1 month and 1 month that you made.

Clear Google Search data

Amazon Alexa will be deleted the recording file that the user has made.

The remaining 2 social networks are Instagram, which will delete photos and videos, and Tinder will remove the amount of connections and chat messages. The data deletion feature for these two applications will soon be added to users.

Clear Alexa data

Step 4:

We log in to the account so that the application can delete data as well as set up account security. Next, the user is notified that the data deletion process is ready, press Setup a new app to begin. Switch to the new interface, tap Start Cleaning button to start.

Proceed to delete data Click Start Clean

The data deletion process will be carried out shortly thereafter. During the data deletion process, if you turn off the interface, the process will automatically end. The account results on the application interface will display a completion message as shown.

Clear app data Finish deleting data

Only with the Jumbo: Privacy Assistant application, all data on social network accounts will be erased to limit data collection.

Wishing you success!

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