How to set a password for Windows folders without software

How to set a password for Windows folders without software

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On the blog, Admin has shared with you a lot of instructions on how to secure documents on computers running Windows operating systems.

Examples are how to lock folders, how to set a password for the folder, and how to encrypt files… but all of these ways are by using software for security. Of course it is still very good and ensures the safety of your confidential documents.

However, in this article I will continue to share with you another trick, which is also how to set a password for a folder / Folder on a Windows computer but without using the software.

#first. Instructions for setting a password for Windows folders

+ Step 1: First you download the Code LOCK file to your computer Here. or Here ! Then double click to open the file.

Note: To make it easier on the eyes, I recommend you to install Notepad ++ to make it easier to see. But the Notepad application available on Win looks difficult 😀

-set-to-folder-windows (1)

+ Step 2: Here, you scroll down the line if NOT %pass%== => you highlight the line Your Password Goes Here => and replace the text with the password you want to set for the directory.

-set-up-to-folder-windows (2)

+ Step 3: Then click File => and select Save As as shown below.

-s-set-up-to-folder-windows (3)

+ Step 4: Choose a folder to save the file to, or create a new Folder. Save this file in that Folder => Then name the file LOCK.bat

Note: In section Save as Type you let be All Files Please !

-s-set-up-to-folder-windows (4)

+ Step 5: After saving the file LOCK.bat Finished in the Folder, you access the Folder again. Here you double click on the file LOCK….

-set-to-folder-windows (5)

…. to create a Folder Locker security.

-set-to-folder-windows (6)

+ Step 6: At this point, you can copy the files that you need to secure into the folder Locker. Then double-click the file LOCK.bat to open the cmd process.

Note: See the article on how to display the file extension on Windows!

=> You enter Y => then press Enter to create the key and hide the file Locker go => Now the file will be hidden.

-set-to-folder-windows (7)

+ Step 7: When do you want to open the folder Locker to work, you just need to double click on it file LOCK.bat there….

-search-for-folder-windows (8)

…. and enter your password at the dialog box CMD => then press Enter is done.

-mach-to-password-for-windows (9)

And now the directory Locker appears for you to work as usual.

-set-up-to-folder-windows (10)

Tips: For more security, you can hide this LOCK.bat File, when using it, you will show up. If you do not know how to do it, please review the tutorial on hiding Files / Folders on Windows!

#2. Evaluate how

Well, this way of saying they are for those who love to scratch the computer. As for security, it is not possible to use software.

If you are afraid to dabble or want higher security, it’s best to use directory locking software!

Because in essence, just have a little knowledge about computers, we can see the password file LOCK.bat already. Just right click on the file LOCK.bat => and select Edit is the password viewable easily.

However, that said, if you put the LOCK.bat file together with a folder containing hundreds of other files / folders located together, it will be difficult for other people to find it. Especially if you have hidden files LOCK.bat gone again.

# 3. Epilogue

Yes, so I just shared with you How to create a password for a folder on Windows without using the software Alright.

Overall this is also a very good choice for you. If you are not confident in your ability to remember passwords, use this method.

Why do I say that? Because when you use the folder lock software and you forget the password, it’s a big deal, I don’t know where the files will go 😀 If you don’t believe you just read the comments on that post, the admin told you to cut off your tongue. Remember the password, but there are still some saints who say they just forget it. Come bear @@

Okay, at this point, the tutorial to install Password for the Windows folder without my software is finished. Hope my little tips in using Windows today will be useful to you.

Good luck !

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