How to show 2 time zones on Samsung phones

Default phone only shows 1 time zone for you to follow. And if you want to track a different time zone, you need to go to the Clock app on your devices and choose which country or location you want to see. However, on Samsung phones, you can immediately view 2 time zones on the same screen without having to access the Clock application. 2 copper zones will always show up on the home screen of the device for us to follow. The following article will guide you through showing 2 time zones on Samsung phones.

Instructions to add 2 time zones on the phone

Step 1

At the interface on the screen, you Press and hold on an empty space on the screen then choose next Widget.

Step 2:

Now showing widget options to add to the screen on the phone, we press select Clock. You will then see an option Two clocks to add to the home screen on your phone. Now you need to Press and hold on this widget then move to the screen.

Step 3:

As a result, we will see the widget frame showing 2 clocks. Friend Touch the remaining frame to add another time zone want to show. Here you enter a city or country name, then click button Add to add a time zone.

Step 4:

As a result, you will see 2 different time zones displayed on your phone screen. In your case do not want to see 2 time zones again Press and hold on widget then choose Delete from standby screen is done.

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