How to simply plug in a headset to the desktop

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1. Instructions on how to properly plug the headset into the desktop

First, to plug the headset into the desktop, you need to check the connection type of the headset at the appropriate size jack as follows:

– 3.5 mm audio out: The standard audio jack on most headphones is available and commonly integrated on the market today and speaker systems. The 3.5 mm jack is used to plug into the headphone port and usually has a green check mark by the manufacturer. Usually, the 3.5mm audio output port also supports audio capture (such as with a microphone).

How to correctly plug in a headset to the desktop, very easy

– 3.5 mm microphone: Some headphones have a separate 3.5 mm jack for recording that the manufacturer designed and separated. This Jack is usually very recognizable by the pink marking.

– USB: The USB connector has a nice, flat rectangular shape and is very convenient to plug into the USB port on the computer.

Locate the desktop audio input as follows: If anyone has used a desktop computer then surely plugging in a headset on the desktop tree is very simple and you can plug in the front or The back of the computer’s CPU tree is okay and the microphone port is usually pink, and the headphone port is usually green.

How to plug headphones into the desktop Success is when you look on the Taskbar on the right side of the desktop screen, a speaker image appears, which means you have successfully connected and plugged in the headset to the desktop.

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2. Instructions for installing audio profiles on the desktop

Step 1: Type the word “Control Panel” in the search box by clicking on the Start box in the lower left corner of the computer screen on the Taskbar or clicking on the “Control Panel” on the desktop screen.

Step 2: Click on “Hardware and Sound” => Then click continue”Sound“.

How to plug a headset into a computer that needs to be configured

Step 3: In the “Sound“you click”Playback” => You right click on “High-Definition Audio Device” and select “Kiểm TRA” => Press “OK” below the box to complete the command.

Step 4: Next, you customize the volume, look at the lower right corner on the Taskbar, right-click and select “Open Volume Mixer” and customize the sound as desired.

3. Instructions on how to fix the desktop computer that won’t recognize the headset

– Clean the headphone jack before learning how to plug it in desktop:

After a period of use, the headset plugged into the desktop will get dusty and lead to you not hearing better or losing the listening signal. So you need to clean them regularly.

– Try reinstalling the audio driver:

+ Step 1: You use the key combination “Windows + CHEAP” and then type “devmgmt.msc” into the Run dialog box and press “Enter” or “OK“.

Fix the error that the desktop does not recognize the headset

+ Step 2: When the window “Device Manager” is opened, you drag the mouse and find “High Definition Audio Controller” then right click select “Uninstall“.

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+ Step 3: After deleting the old audio driver package on the device, you proceed to scan the driver again to reinstall it by right-clicking “Sound, video and game controllers” and select “Scan for hardware changes“.

– Update the latest audio driver:

+ Step 1: Similarly, right in “Device Managerright click on “High Definition Audio Controller“then select”Update Driver Software” Please.

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Please update the new driver for sound

+ Step 2: Then, the driver update dialog box appears, here there will be 2 options that are “Search automatically for updated driver software (Update driver automatically) and Browse my computer for driver software (Browse on your computer if you have downloaded the audio driver package on your computer)”.

The above is information related to how to plug headphones into the desktop very simple. Hope to help you in the process of using the desktop. Thank you for watching.

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