How to take attendance on Google Meet

To take attendance on Google Meet, teachers can immediately install the Meet Attendance utility, which helps to see if the list of students participating in the class is complete or not, the time the students enter the class, the time the student exits the class. when students use Google Meet.

This widget helps you quickly see the list of students participating in the class, instead of you having to look at the screen to see all the students participating in Google Meet via video. This utility will immediately send statistical text on Google Docs for teachers to conveniently track. Especially, the utility automatically updates the student’s class time. The following article will guide you to take attendance at Google Meet.

1. How to take attendance on Google Meet with Google Meet Attendance Tracker

The Google Meet Attendance Tracker utility will also help teachers take attendance on Google Meet.

Step 1:

You download the Google Meet Attendance Tracker utility according to the link below and install it on your browser as usual.

Step 2:

Then we open the Google Meet online class on the computer. Next, at the teacher’s screen interface, click Track Attendance to register students online on Google Meet.

Google Meet Attendance Tracker

Step 3:

Immediately after that, the attendance process of students participating in the class will begin. Attendance time is also displayed on the screen. To stop taking attendance, click on this green box.

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Google Meet Attendance Tracker Attendance

Step 4:

The teacher will then be redirected to the utility’s website interface. Here you click View Report to see a list of people who have participated in a Google Meet online class.

Google Meet Attendance Tracker view list

We will see information about how long the roll call starts and how long it ends. Below are details of students participating and taking attendance on Google Meet. Teachers can press Download as PDF to download the attendance file to the computer.

Google Meet Attendance Tracker information

2. Google Meet Attendance List with Google Meet Attendance List

Step 1:

We download the Google Meet Attendance List utility on the browser according to the link below.

Step 2:

Next we also create an online class on Google Meet. Students then attend class as usual. After at the end of class then the utility automatically displays the list of students participating in the class for the teacher to check. You can Click Export as CSV to download the attendance file.

Google Meet Attendance List

Step 3:

Also in this website you will see a list of all the classes with the number of students participating to check back when needed.

Google Meet Attendance List list

3. Instructions for taking attendance on Google Meet with Meet Attendance

Step 1:

First, download the Google Meet utility for your computer by following the link below.

Now the Meet Attendance utility interface is displayed as shown below, click Authorize meet attendance.

Meet Attendance Utility

Next, you need to agree to the Meet Attendance utility to access Google Meet. Click Allow to agree to allow

Meet Attendance widget using Google Meet

Step 2:

The teacher then creates a class on Google Meet as usual. Then tap People section at the bottom of the screen to display the list of students in the class.

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Click Everyone

At that time in the display interface square icon for us to click.

Tap the square icon

Step 3:

Then you click on Add sheet plus icon, then click on the square checkmark icon as shown below to view student attendance on Google Meet.

  • Add Sheet plus icon: create a new data file to enroll students in the classroom, at the time you click on this plus icon.
  • The plus icon next to it: create a new data file that counts the total number of people who have participated in the classroom.

View the Google Meet list

Step 4:

Immediately then display a list on Docs with full names of participating students, time to class, time to exit Google Meet.

Student list

Video tutorial for attendance on Google Meet

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