How to turn all Chrome websites to incognito

Previously, showed you how to incognito mode when opening a website as soon as you access a web browser. In case you do not want to use incognito mode as soon as you enter the browser, but want to quickly switch all websites open in normal mode to incognito, you can use the Incognito Toggle extension on Chrome. This extension will switch all websites you are browsing in normal mode to incognito mode and vice versa without you having to exit Chrome or activate incognito mode on Chrome to access the website. The following article will guide readers to quickly switch all websites to incognito mode using Incognito Toggle.

How to turn all normal web to anonymous

Step 1:

You download the Incognito Toggle utility for Chrome browser according to the link below and then proceed with the installation as usual.

Step 2:

After installing the utility, right-click on the utility icon tap Manage add-ons.

Utility management

Switch to the utility management interface on the browser you find item Allow incognito mode then activate this mode up.

Incognito mode operation

Step 3:

Now we visit websites as usual in the browser, then tap on the widget icon in the address bar on the browser.

Switch all to incognito mode

Immediately all sites you are accessing on a web browser will be switch to incognito browsing mode.

Browse the web anonymously

To switch all websites from incognito mode to normal browsing mode, you just need to click on the extension icon again.

Switch to normal mode

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