How to turn off autoplaying videos on YouTube that will eat up your mobile data plan

The Youtube App provides a feature that is enabled by default to automatically play videos on the application home screen. Which will eat up a lot of mobile data if you don’t pay attention. Therefore, the following article of GhienCongList will guide you how to turn off autoplaying videos on YouTube.

The mobile data registered in the daily package is not enough for work problems such as texting, checking mail, the YouTube app automatically plays videos on the Home screen of the application, causing the amount of data to increase. This is even less so. Let’s turn off autoplay videos on YouTube right with the instructions in the article of GhienCongListen down here.

tat phat video on youtube 1


What is the video autoplay feature on the YouTube app?

On the YouTube mobile apps there is a function called “Autoplay on Home” (or Autoplay video on home page) on the app’s home tab.

This feature will be liked by some because it is possible to see the content of the video before clicking on it, but for those who are using mobile data with many restrictions on internet capacity, it is extremely difficult. little good. In addition, it is also annoying during the user’s video search.


To make it easier to imagine, you can take a look at the GIF image below and you should decide to turn off autoplaying videos on YouTube or not.

tat tu phat video on youtube 2


How to turn off autoplay videos on YouTube

To turn this feature off, go to the YouTube app on your mobile device and start following the instructions below.

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Step 1: At the main screen interface of the YouTube application. Tap your Google account profile picture, it’s in the upper right corner of the screen.

tat phat videos on youtube

Step 2: Swipe down to access the Settings section.

turn off autoplay videos on YouTube

Step 3: Continue scrolling down and click “Mute video when playing in source…” (Muted playback in feeds) to Off.

turn off autoplay videos on YouTube

After choosing whichever option you like, you’ll see the change reflected right on your Home page in the YouTube app. If you select “Always on”, just know that you will most likely see higher data usage from the app as the app will always start playing videos seen on Home even when the app plays there is no sound.

Of course, if you like this feature but don’t want to waste too much monthly mobile data, choose Wi-Fi only. This way you’ll still see the video autoplay when you’re at home or connected to a router and don’t have to worry about your carrier sending you a bill with any additional fees. when you exceed your data limit.

Above is an article that guides you how to turn off autoplaying videos on YouTube, which causes a lot of discomfort for many users because of its internet data consumption or affects your YouTube video viewing experience.

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