How to turn on the map of martial arts game 1 Mobile

Assassin – a phrase that is quite familiar to many gamers. This is a fighting method that anyone who plays Vo Lam Legend 1 Mobile can use to kill players who are in the Luyen Cong mode or go on a field mission or are going to the map of VLTK 1. Mobile.

Unlike in Battle or Practice mode, when you turn on Slayer, you can attack all other players around you. In this mode, if you kill another player, you will increase your PK point.

If there are too many PK points, your character will be thrown into the Lao. However, if you turn on the assassin and get hit back by another player, you will not receive a PK. The way to turn on the Assassin in Martial Arts episode 1 Mobile is also different from the previous VLTK 1.

VLTK 1 Mobile killer and what you need to know

Step 1: To change the battle state, select the icon under the status bar of the character with the word Practice as shown below.

do sat vltk

Step 2: And then choose to Slayer, right after that your character’s name will turn red. Now you can attack everyone around you, even with your team members.

do sat vltk

Step 3: Avoid members of guilds or in areas near city gates or towns. It’s an area where heroes gather and you are definitely not their opponent.

do sat vltk 1 mobile

When you switch to Assassin mode, you cannot immediately go back to the practice state, but will have to wait 1 minute.

do sat vltk 1 mobile

If you get back into health, it’s okay, then you should continue to let them fight again.

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turn on the martial arts assassin 1 mobile map

Step 4: When you return to the health zone, you will be transferred to Battle mode. In this state, the player can engage in battle with other characters in the same combat state and cannot engage in battle with new players. Wait time from Combat to Practice is 3 minutes.

Cach started by the mobile 1 vltk

There is another combat state that few people notice is Lamb. This is the battle state used when both have the same font color. The Slayer starts to activate after 10 seconds when you choose this battle mode, only when you want to challenge someone privately.

Other people who take initiative of Slaying Sheep will gain more PK points after winning. And the person killed by the Lamb will not receive PK points after winning. To turn on Lamb’s avatar select a player, tap on their avatar and select.

how to turn on vltk 1 mobile map

That is how to turn on the Assassin in the martial arts legend 1 Mobile and the battle status in the game. With the different states, please use them to suit each situation in the game, avoid unnecessary clashes.

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