How to use FacePlay for free

App FacePlay is an application that grafts faces into ancient videos that are hot in recent times, especially on the TikTok network. Then you will be able to choose from many different videos on many topics such as fashion, sports … to put your face in. The special feature of FacePlay compared to other applications is the ability to combine photos into videos with relatively quality, not too fake, quite real icons after getting the final complete video. The following article will guide you how to use FacePlay to add faces to videos.

Instructions to use FacePlay for free to pair faces into videos

Step 1:

First of all, download the FacePlay application for iOS according to the link below and then proceed with the installation as usual.

Step 2:

Next we will click on Get Started button to proceed with the application. This time will switch to the interface capture your face or use an existing face from the photo album. Note, you should take photos directly to get the face quickly, the photo needs to be face-to-face.

After recognizing the face press Confirm To confirm.

Step 3:

If a notice of paying for additional videos is displayed, then Click the X icon to turn it off Go and access the main interface. The photo of your face will be saved in the app. Click 3 dashes icon.

Next choose how to create an account to use FacePlay. Note that each day you will only have 8 face-to-face videos with a free account.

App login

Step 4:

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Go back to the main interface you click categories of videos above to choose your face transplant video. Note, find the video without circle and pentagon markers because will need to pay fee to use. Currently the number of free videos in the application is relatively small.

Step 5:

Choose a free video then you click to use. We will now see the previously captured face. If you want use a different face then you click plus symbol. The faces will appear below for you to choose to change. Press Start Making button to create your face collage video.

Make a video

Step 6:

Wait a while for the application to analyze your face and match your face to the video. This may take a few minutes and depends on your phone configuration as well.

As a result, you have a video of your face as shown below. To download video download album click Save button.

In addition, you can also upload FacePlay videos to other social networks like TikTok below.

Share videos

Video tutorial for using FacePlay to add faces to videos

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