How to use feeds in OneNote

The feed in OneNote will combine notes from different applications, including Samsung Notes OneNote and Sticky Notes when we are signed in with the same Microsoft account. This makes it possible to combine notes together. This feed feature currently applies to the OneNote Windows 10 app, OneNote on PC, OneNote web, and the OneNote Android version. The following article will guide you how to use the feed in OneNote.

Guide to using the OneNote feed

Step 1:

At the interface in OneNote, we click square icon as shown below to open the feed in OneNote.

Feed icon

Immediately on the right edge of the screen that displays the Feed interface is a feed, including newly created and recently edited notes. We just need to click on the content of the note we want to see.

Power management interface

Step 2:

User support feed Microsoft document conversion, in case you use multiple Microsoft accounts to use OneNote.

We click current account it’s yours choose to continue Sign out to exit the current account.

Log out of your account

Now an interface will appear for you to choose the account you want to use, or click Add Another Account to log in with the other Microsoft account you want.

Select the account you want to log in with

Step 3:

From the feed management interface you can add notes now by Click Add a note.

Add notes

Next we enter the note into the interface as usual and adjust the format for the content if desired. Click 3 dots icon to change the color or show the toolbar to adjust the format of the note.

Change note format

Step 4:

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When clicking on content in the feed, a menu displays with notes option as below.

Notes option

Step 5:

To quick find notes in the feed management interface, we enter keywords in the search bar on the same interface. The results below show notes with keywords that match the words you entered.

Find notes

If you click filter icon will show a list of notes from OneNote Pages, Samsung Notes, or Sticky Notes. You can click on any feed you want to find.

Change data source

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