How to use Sound Booster to increase computer and laptop volume

Sound Booster software with simple interface helps users easily adjust the volume. There are currently two usages Sound Booster To increase the volume of a computer or laptop, use keyboard shortcuts or mouse to drag the volume up or down.

Sound Booster is one of the software increase speaker volume effectively, you can amplify the default sound up to 500% without changing the sound quality, the sound is not distorted. Compared to many ways to increase the volume of traditional speakers or increase the volume of computer speakers with today’s DFX Audio Enhancer, using Sound Booster to increase speaker volume has the advantage of being more compact and easy to use.

how to use sound booster

Instructions on how to use Sound Booster

To make it easier for readers to access the best use of Sound Booster, Taimienphi will guide you on how to use Sound Booster in detail below:

How to use Sound Booster

Step 1: Download software Sound Booster the latest version and install Sound Booster on your computer. The installation process will go through the steps in sequence, you need to follow the instructions correctly during the installation process install Sound Booster Please.

Step 2: Open Sound Booster and you will see a speaker icon appear below the system tray.

How to use sound booster

Step 3: Double-click this icon to display the slider and increase the computer speaker volume as you like. You move the slider to reach the appropriate volume level. Note, the volume is too loud can affect your hearing.

How to use sound booster

However, to use Sound Booster in the most optimal way, readers need to equip themselves with some skills to manipulate the settings in the software, for example, using the Sound Booster shortcut or how to remove Sound Booster in school. do not want to use anymore.

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To access Setting and set up Sound Booster, you right click on the icon of the Sound Booster app and select Settings as in the picture.

how to install and use sound booster

And here is the interface Settings of the Sound Booster software with which you can customize many parameters.

sound booster sound booster

– Interface Language: Interface language.

There are 2 language options: English (English) and Russia (Russian).

– Hotkey: Shortcut keys

Customize the shortcut includes 2 modes: Increase Volume (volume increase) and Decrease Volume (volume decrease). Here users can customize the Sound Booster shortcut cluster with keys like Shift, Ctrl, Alt and the F key at the top of the keyboard.

However, you need to pay attention not to set the shortcut key to coincide with the shortcut key of Windows or other software.

– Other settings

+ Startup on Windows startup: Software startup mode with Windows

+ Show startup notification: Display mode when starting the software

+ Automatically check for updates: Automatically check for new software updates.

After completing the customization settings, click OK To confirm.

How to use Sound Booster above is quite simple and you only need to briefly grasp the main functions of the software to be able to easily align and improve the sound when listening through the computer.

In addition to Sound Booster, readers can also refer to how to increase the computer speaker volume with DFX Audio Enhancer, this is a very quality audio amplifier software for advanced users, so please consider if you want to learn how increase computer speaker volume with DFX Audio Enhancer to edit, increase the computer speaker volume.

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In general, increase the speaker volume with Sound Booster or DFX Audio Enhancer just one of the few ways to increase the volume to help users get the best audio experience, along with music files, many users also increase the video volume with Total Video Converter to help increase the volume of music videos. or movies, increase video volume with Total VideoConverter help ensure that the user’s video is not distorted in sound while maintaining the same video quality.

Like many other software, the process of using Sound Booster can also last a lot Sound Booster error, for example, not displaying the icon in the system tray or, if you do not know how to use Sound Booster properly, it can also lead to an error condition. Readers do not worry because you can apply the error correction instructions of for you.
How to increase Windows 11 computer volume also uses Sound Booster. Detailed instructions can be found here.

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