How to use text shortcuts on iPhone

Typing a long text on iPhone can make users spend a lot of time. Therefore, the text shortcut function to help increase typing speed on iPhone has been applied by Apple to its product line.

Text shortcuts help users create shortcuts for frequently used phrases and text phrases. From there, instead of having to type long phrases, users just need to type acronyms, significantly increasing text typing performance.

How to create text shortcuts on iPhone

First to be able to use this tool on iPhone, we need to create text shortcuts for each phrase and text that we frequently use.

Step 1:

Open Setting on iPhone. Next, open the section General settings.

General Settings

Step 2:

Next, scroll down and select the item Keyboard.

Keyboard Section

Step 3:

Item selection Replace text.

Text Replace

Step 4:

Click on the icon + in the top right corner.

More text shortcuts

Step 5:

Here you will add the abbreviations you want.

For example:

At section Phrase you type in your email. Part Shortcut keys you can write the word “email”.

Create a new text shortcut

Step 6:

After entering, press Save. You are done creating text shortcuts for your email.

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Repeat from step 5 to add more phrases and texts that you frequently use to the shortcut set.

One nice thing about creating text shortcuts like these on your iPhone is that they automatically sync with your Apple account. This makes it possible to switch to other Apple devices and still be able to use these text shortcuts without saving them again.

How to use text shortcuts on iPhone

After you have successfully added these shortcuts, you can use them anywhere that can type text.

Step 1:

Open the iPhone keyboard. Enter the word “email”, the top of the keyboard appears to suggest your email.

Use text shortcuts

Step 2:

Tap your email or press space. The email part will immediately appear in the text frame.

Alternative phrases appear

How to delete text shortcuts on iPhone

If you no longer need to use text shortcuts as previously installed, deleting them is also an extremely easy thing.

Step 1:

Open Setting on iPhone. Select section General settings.

Step 2:

Next, scroll down and select the item Keyboard. Select item Replace text.

Step 3:

Select item Fix at the bottom left of the screen. The screen appears a red icon.

Fix text shortcuts

Step 4:

Click the red icon at the shortcut you want to delete.

Delete text shortcuts

Then choose Erase to confirm once again the process of deleting the text shortcut.

Confirm delete text shortcut

Finish deleting text shortcuts by pressing the . button Accomplished in the bottom left corner of the screen.

How to replace text shortcuts on iPhone

Instead of deleting the text shortcut, you can also click on the previously installed text shortcut to replace and edit the previous phrase into a new content.

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Step 1:

Open Setting on iPhone. Open section General settings.

Step 2:

Next, scroll down and select the item Keyboard. Select item Replace text.

Step 3:

Click the text shortcut you want to edit. Then proceed to re-enter the new phrase you want to replace.

Replace text shortcuts

Step 4:

India Save so that the phone remembers the replaced text shortcut, similar to the process of creating a new text shortcut.

Some other tips to speed up typing on iPhone

In addition to creating text shortcuts to help improve your typing speed on your phone, there are also a few quick iPhone typing tips that will have the same effect. Such as:

Shake iPhone to delete all text you just typed

In case you just typed a long paragraph but no longer want to use it, you can shake your iPhone a little. At this point, a dialog box will appear on the screen asking if you want to completely delete the text you just typed. You just need to click OK to easily delete the typed paragraph.

Use swipe gestures on iPhone

Swipe gesture

Using swipe gestures on the keyboard will also help you improve typing speed. You won’t have to take your hands off the screen to type each letter one by one. However, this way is not appreciated in the process of typing Vietnamese.

Siri virtual assistant

Instead of manually typing long texts, you can also ask for the help of Siri. You just need to summon this assistant and help you enter the desired text content.

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Above is a guide on how to use text shortcuts to speed up typing on iPhone. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can significantly improve your speed.

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