How to use the Screensy utility to record Chrome screen videos

The Screensy utility on Chrome will record unlimited computer screens with additional image editing options with drawing pictures on photos or writing captions on photos. This will be very convenient when you need to note something in the photo. The following article will guide you to use the Screensy utility to record Chrome screen videos.

Instructions for recording screen videos on Chrome with Screensy

Step 1:

First of all, install the Screensy utility on Chrome according to the link below.

Step 2:

We open the website we want to record video on Chrome. Then you click on bScreensy Chrome extension icon. We’ll need to agree to utility using camera and microphone on the browser.

Next in the list of utilities you will see screen recording options as below.

  • Tab only: Only rotates the current open browser tab.
  • Desktop: Record full screen.
  • Camera only: Only record the screen recorded from the webcam.

After selecting the Chrome screen video recording mode, you adjust to the microphone and webcam used.

Chrome screen recording mode on Screensy

Step 3:

When we press 3 dots icon there will be more frame rate and quality options for videos. Next Click Start recording to start recording after 3 seconds countdown.

Chrome screen recording option on Screensy

Step 4:

Immediately below show the tool to add captions, write text right in the interface when conducting video recording of Chrome screen.

Chrome screen recording video editing tool on Screensy

When you tap arrow icon will switch to the content zoom tools, red-eye to clearly indicate the content that needs attention.

Zoom tool to rotate Chrome screen on Screensy

If you click pen icon Then there will be writing and drawing tools right at the video recording screen as shown below. You choose the color and thickness of the brush and then write or zoning the content.

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Chrome screen recording tool on Screensy

After having complete Chrome screen video recording, you click play icon to stop Click tick to save the video.

Chrome screen recording tool on Screensy

Step 5:

Switch to Chrome screen recording video customization interface. We can cut video into segments, skip any video i don’t want to use edit video format. Final Click Download or Save to Drive to save to your fkhoanr Drive account.

Save Chrome screen capture video on Screensy

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