Increase Warcraft 3 (DOTA) FPS

If you want to increase your FPS (frames per second), or easier said, your game will go faster, do this “unknown” thing. I increased at least 10-15 FPS without doing anything. Now I have about 65, and I used to have about 49 -52 ,

Here Are Some Basic Steps :

1. Press Start

2. Click Run

3. Type Regedit and Press Enter


5. Then Click “Software”

6. Then Click “Blizzard Entertainment”

7. Then Click “Warcraft III”

8. Then Open “Video” Folder

Check in the right panel , There will be a file “lockfb”

9. Double Click “lockfb”

10. Change the value data to “0” (zero)

11. Click OK


You can feel the difference in the gameplay of the game .


Note : You can do this trick in most of the games usually online and having the same gameplay as warcraft does !

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