Install fingerprint lock code for the computer using Smartphone

Install fingerprint lock code for the computer using Smartphone

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Currently, biometric security technology is one of the big strides in computer technology. However, as you know, not all computers are equipped and supported with that technology.

Therefore, to help you get the best security when using your Laptop and PC, today I will share with you the setup tips. create fingerprint lock code for computer via Smartphone.

Great support for making your computer more secure with this biometric technology. Okay, if you are interested in this feature then you can apply it!

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#first. Install Remote Fingerprint Unlock software on the computer

+ Step 1: First you download the application Remote Fingerprint Unlock 64bit and 32bit here or here !

Then install the version appropriate for the Windows platform your computer is using. Choose the correct 32-bit version of Windows or Windows 64-bit.

+ Step 2: At the application interface you click Next...

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…. then click Install to install.

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Then press Yes To confirm.

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+ Step 3: Finally choose Finish to close the dialog box and finish the installation.

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At this point the software will be hidden, and run in the background in the Windows system. You just leave it there and move on to the next step for yourself.

#2. Install and set up Remote Fingerprint Unlock app on Smartphone

// Only applicable for phones running Android operating system. iOS is not available yet!
// And only applies to Smartphones that support fingerprint unlock!

+ Step 1: To install Remote Fingerprint Unlock app on Android. First you need to go to the store CH Play and enter keywords remote fingerprint unlock to search for App => Then select CÀI ĐẶT same picture.

Or you can click this link for quick access to App in CHPlay.

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+ Step 2: After the installation is completed, click MỞ to launch the application.

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+ Step 3: Then you choose SCAN at the main interface to detect your computer. The device is installing Fingerprint Unlock.

Note: Phones and computers must run the same ADSL and Wifi transmission line. Generally speaking, using the same network!

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+ Step 4: After finding the computer, click on the device name as shown below to select the desktop.

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And keep clicking SAVE...

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=> then select ACCOUNTS to add an account.

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+ Step 5: Next, in section My Accounts you choose ADD ACCOUNTS.

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=> And select OK To confirm.

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+ Step 6: Next, you enter the section New Acounts was User Name (account name) computer => Then enter the password before pressing SAVE.

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+ Step 7: Then click your fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor button on your Smartphone to complete the setup.

Home '' Products ''

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You choose PROCEED

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=> Okay OK to continue.

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+ Step 8: Then you open it User Name your computer => Then click on the button 3 dầu gạch ngang as shown below.

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+ Step 9: Then choose Unlock....

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… And place your fingerprint on the sensor button on the Smartphone to open the computer.

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# 3. Epilogue

Okay that’s it. In general, the instructions are quite messy like that, but the operation is also very easy ^^

With just a phone that supports an Android fingerprint sensor, you can simply and easily apply the biometric lockout feature for your PC and Laptop.

Note: This setting is only applicable when the Desktop is on and the computer is in the Unlock state (Windows + L).

Come here, the tutorial install fingerprint lock code for Laptop and PC by Smartphone I would also like to pause. Hope this computer security tips, will be useful to you.

Good luck !

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