Instructions for 2 ways to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10

Well, if you have successfully upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Preview program, then congratulations. You are one of those who experience Windows 11 quite early!

However, if you are not satisfied with the current version of Windows 11 then you can completely downgrade it to the previous version of Windows 10 easily.

I would like to reiterate that this method only applies to computers that have upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11, but if you previously performed a new installation of Windows 11, it will be fine.

Although the Windows 11 operating system has a lot of new improvements and is worth using. However, because it is in the process of being completed, there are still quite a few minor bugs that remain.

So, if you use it for experience then OK, no problem to say here at all. However, if you use it for work, it will be a little uncomfortable.

Therefore, if you are not really satisfied with the current version of Windows 11, you can completely downgrade Windows 11 back to Windows 10 easily.

I. How to downgrade Windows 11 back to Windows 10?

And of course, in this tutorial I will share with you 2 ways to do this. I will guide you in the most detailed way to make it as easy to understand as possible.

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Method #1: Use the Recovery feature on Windows 11 to downgrade to Windows 10

NOTE: According to Microsoft, this method will not lose data on drive C (operating system drive includes Desktop, Download folder, Picture, Video, Music …) but if there is anything important, please copy it to the D drive partition. , E… make sure flags.

+ Step 1: You press Windows + I to access Windows Settings. Or you press the . button Start => then select Settings as shown below.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (1)

+ Step 2: Next, you choose System to access the system settings.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (2)

+ Step 3: Continue to select features Recovery.

With function of Recovery With this, in addition to being able to downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 (Go back), you can also do Reset Windows 11 or visit Advaced Startup again.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (3)

+ Step 4: In section Recovery options There will be the following options:

  • Reset this PC: Restore Windows 11 to a like-new state.
  • Previous version of Windows: Downgrade to an earlier version of Windows.
  • Advanced startup: Custom boot.. is the same on Windows 10, you can learn more here!

=> You press the button Go back in section Previous version of Windows. If the Go back button doesn’t light up, which means you can’t click it, it means you can’t downgrade this way. Please move to method 2 below!

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (4)

+ Step 5: Window Why are you going back? appear. Dai again Windows wants to ask you Tại sao bạn muốn quay lại?

You choose an arbitrary reason => then press Next to continue. In fact, these are just a few steps of Microsoft’s survey for them to improve.

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ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (5)

+ Step 6: This step Windows will ask if you want to check for updates. You press the button No, thank to deny. This step is Microsoft holding back 🙂

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (6)

+ Step 7: A message appears to warn you that:

You will lose all settings changes and you will have to reinstall the apps. If you are OK then press Next to continue.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (7)

+ Step 8: Now the dialog box Don’t get locked out? (Unlocked) will appear with the content:

If you used a password to sign in to your previous build, make sure you know it.

Google translator: If you used a password to log in to your previous build, make sure you know (remember) it.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (10)

+ Step 9: Finally, click the . button Go back to earlier build. Your computer will now restart and begin the process of restoring to the previous version of Windows.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (11)

AND…. wait until it’s done ^^

Method #2: Downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 with MediaCreationTool

This tool is provided by Microsoft itself to serve users, so you do not need to worry about the level of safety.

This method is actually no different from reinstalling Windows 11, and the data on the operating system drive (usually C drive) is definitely lost, guys, so if it’s important, copy it to the data drive first. For example, drive D, E..

And for you to not worry, I also confirm that it will not affect the data of other drives.

+ Step 1: You access this link to download the tool MediaCreationTool before.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (12)

Then you scroll down to the section Create Windows 10 installation media => and press the . button Download tool now to download the tool MediaCreationTool

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (13)

+ Step 2: After downloading we will get the file MediaCreationTool.exe => you double click to run the file.

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ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (14)

+ Step 3: You press the button Accept to accept Microsoft’s terms of use.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (15)

+ Step 4: Window What do you want to do? (What do you want to do?) appears:

=> You tick the option Upgrade this PC now => then press Next to continue.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (16)

+ Step 5: Now the MediaCreationTool tool will download the necessary Windows 10 files. This process may take a few minutes.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (17)

+ Step 6: Dialog box Choose What to Keep (Select what to keep) will appear. Please select Nothing (Nothing) => and press Next.

This option will delete downloaded files, as well as installed applications. The settings and settings will also be restored to their like-new state.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (18)

+ Step 7: The next dialog is Ready to install (Ready to install) => you press the . button Install to begin.

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (19)

Yes, at this point the installation of Windows 10 will begin and at the same time Windows 11 will be removed. This way takes a long time, but it will help clean the system, higher performance …

ha-cap-windows-11-xuong-windows-10 (20)

II. Epilogue

Yes, so I have shared with you 2 ways to Downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 very detailed already, in other words go back to Windows 10 after upgrading to Windows 11 there you guys.

And I also note to you that no matter how you do it, there is a risk of error (although this rate is very low). So, you also need to prepare mentally to reinstall Windows 10 if unfortunately the downgrade process fails!

Hope this article will be useful to you, good luck!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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