Instructions for creating, bug file Ghost with Hiren’s Boot (very easy to understand)

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#first. What is Ghost win again?

First, you need to understand a bit about the concept of Ghost and what is the use of Ghost first? . Yes ! In this article I will say a concise, simplest way for you to easily imagine.

#2. The concept of GHOST

Ghost helps you to backup (Backup) and restore (Restore) data extremely quickly and easily. Ghost can back up an entire hard drive to an image file (which is rarely used), or a partition into an image file so that when the machine malfunctions, we can quickly recover the machine (and usually we usually back up the drive containing the operating system only).

In addition, features Disk to Disk Ghost’s also allows you to copy the entire hard drive to another without creating image files.

Ghost will help you copy an entire hard drive partition into 1 file Image so that when the computer fails, you can use this Image file to overwrite the faulty drive and reuse it as if it did not.

Ghost is an extremely powerful backup program, it can identify all partitions with different partitions such as: Fat16, Fat32, NTFS, Linux ….

# 3. Uses of GHOST

In the event that your computer has a Windows error or has a bad virus, surely you must find a way to fix it and fix it, right? And the usual way I see the technicians still do it is to reinstall Win.

Then we will have to take about 40 to 60 minutes to perform Windows Setup, install Driver and all necessary software for the computer.

But if you use Ghost, it only takes you about 10 to 15 minutes to recover all of those things. Therefore, it can be said that Ghost is the choice of many people.

ghost windows

To go to the main point, in this article, I will guide you novice computer novices to be able to create their own ghost file and how to use the ghost file with Hiren’s Boot tool.

# 4. Need to prepare before ghost?

  • A CD / DVD Hiren’s Boot or you can use a USB BOOT, see how to create USB BOOT with Hiren’s Boot.
  • If you open Ghost file, you need to prepare a Ghost version (maybe Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 1o) first, you can create it yourself or download it online offline.

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Start making:

+ Step 1: First you need to select the preferred boot mode is USB or CD / DVD.

See the quick BIOS entry instructions. If you do not want to enter BIOS to set priority mode then try a few keys to see why. Every computer has a shortcut to choose the preferred boot mode, try the keys like ESC, from F1> F12, Del, Tab .. for quick access MENU BOOT.

You can go to Mini Windows => then use the available ghost creation tool or click Dos Program to proceed immediately, or you can go Mini Windows XP to go into Mini Win to make ghost is fine.

I usually go to Mini Win to ghost more 😀, but here I will guide you how to enter the ghost tool, because I have already shown you how to enter Mini Windows to ghost in a blog post. link above there :).


+ Step 2: The next step is to find the tools Norton Ghost => please click Custom Menu... Some versions of Hiren’s Boot are in the category Backup Tools….


+ Step 3: Click on the line Norton Ghost to start using this ghost tool.


+ Step 4: Next, select the line Ghost (Normal) as shown below.


+ Step 5: Okey, for now you just let it run automatically … ..


+ Step 6: After a while, a ghost / ghost software interface window will appear as shown below => click Enter to begin.


# 5. Instructions to create Ghost files with Hiren’s Boot

This step you should use keys (up, down, left, right) to create ghost file you press Local => select Partition => Select To Image.

create ghost file 6
Create ghost file

Next, you select the hard drive containing the operating system where you want to create ghost files. As here my computer has only one drive so press OK to continue.

create ghost file 7

Next select the primary partition, usually the drive C then click OK

create ghost file 8

Next, you choose a place to save the ghost file and type the name of the ghost file in the box File name then click Save to save.

create ghost file 9

Next, you choose the mode to create ghost files. You choose High to begin.

create ghost file 10

Next you press Yes to confirm creation.

create ghost file 11

Then wait until it’s finished, so you have created yourself a ghost file. Getting started whenever your computer is damaged or has a win, you can bring this ghost file to use.

# 6. How to extract Ghost file

You also do the same up to step Hướng dẫn tạo file ghost as above. But instead you choose To Image to create ghost file, you choose From Image to extract the ghost file.


In the next window, navigate to where to save the ghost file, and select the ghost version you need to bug, then click Open to continue.

create ghost file 13

Next is to select the partition Partition need to extract (in the ghost file)

create ghost file 14

Next you choose the hard drive to extract, this is usually only one, unless you use more than 1 hard drive.

create ghost file 15

Then select the primary partition (ie the drive that contained the old operating system). You should choose the partition carefully, because after extracting the ghost file, you will lose all data in the bug partition. Then press OK to continue.

create ghost file 16

Press Yes to agree to ghost back to the machine.

create ghost file 17

Now, wait, how fast or slow it depends on the size of your ghost and computer configuration. Then press Reset Computer to complete the process of bug ghosting to the computer.

create ghost file 18

# 7. Epilogue

Above is the whole process create and extract ghost files with Hiren’s Boot tool. In general, it is also relatively simple, right.

Nowadays, few people use computer rescue tools but only Hiren’s Boot complete, because at present there are countless extremely simple ways to create a professional USB BOOT.

You can visit here to choose a computer rescue toolkit that suits your needs. Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Good luck!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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