Instructions for installing and using Dropbox on Windows 11

Dropbox cloud storage service is already very famous, and readers on Knowledge Sharing Blog are probably no stranger to this storage service anymore, right 🙂

Because on the Blog, our CTV has detailed instructions for you how to install Dropbox, as well as how to use Dropbox to synchronize data between computers with Dropbox’s Cloud, or synchronize data between devices. already.

You can follow that tutorial with any version of Windows. However, there are a few differences on this new Windows 11 operating system, so I will write a tutorial for you, just introduce more, but actually applying the method in the old article is still OK guys.

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+ Step 1: Please visit first this link => then tap the button Download Dropbox to download the application to your computer.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (1)

Double click on the file you just downloaded to start the installation.

The installation process starts, wait a moment for Dropbox to install on your computer. After the installation is complete, a new window will appear on the screen.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (3)

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In addition to the above installation method, you can also install Dropbox through the Microsoft Store. You click on the menu Start => choose Microsoft Store.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (4)

Then search with the keyword dropbox => press Enter.

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cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (5)

Then you click Get to install the Dropbox application on Windows 11

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (6)

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+ Step 2: In the next window, press Sign up (if you don’t have an account). Alternatively, you can also sign in to Dropbox through your Google account or Apple account. This is up to you.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (7)

+ Step 3: Click Next in the next step, or select Advanced Settings to enter the setup.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (8)

+ Step 4: At this point there will be 2 options for you, which are:

  • Make files local: Sync to Dropbox’s Cloud and keep files on your computer.
  • Make files online-only: Keep only data on Dropbox’s Cloud

=> Of course I will choose Make files local for safety 😀 => then press Continue to continue.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (9)

+ Step 5: In this step, select the folders that you want to sync to the Dropbox cloud, in addition to the 3 default folders selected, you can click the button. Add folder to add folders in another hard drive partition.

NOTE: You should only choose the items that are really necessary, because the free space that Dropbox gives you is not much, any folders you do not want to sync, then leave the check box.

=> Then press and button Set up.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (10)

In case you don’t want to sync any folder to Dropbox, then click the . button Not now Hey guys.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (11)

If you choose to choose which folder to sync, you will receive a prompt as shown below, click the . button Continue to Dropbox to continue.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (12)

You will now see a Dropbox shortcut appear on the Desktop on Windows 11.

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cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (13)

#2. How to use Dropbox on Windows 11

There are many useful tips with Dropbox, if you know how to exploit the features that Dropbox provides, it will be very convenient for your working process. And here are a few basic operations with this application.

2.1. Quick access to Dropbox folder

It’s very simple, you click on the extension on the Taskbar => click on the Dropbox icon

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (14)

At this point, a corresponding window will appear => select the Folder icon for quick access.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (15)

2.2. Share File or Folder from Dropbox

To quickly share files or folders without having to visit the website, click the Dropbox icon on the Taskbar.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (16)

Switch to the Activity tab to see a list of newly synced files/folders. Then you can click on the link icon (next to the …), or click on the Add icon as shown below.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (17)

Enter the Email address of the person you want to share with (or maybe a name or group) => then select the permission you want to share:

  • Can edit: The shared person can edit, delete, comment… the file you have shared.
  • Can View: Users are only allowed to view, download or comment (should choose this if you share files with outsiders).

In addition, you can also reset the link sharing permission by clicking Link Settings, then you press Copy Link to share it to your friends.

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (18)

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (19)

2.3. Check sync history on Dropbox

To quickly review Dropbox’s sync history, you can view it at the tab Sync history

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (21)

2.4. Search Files in Dropbox

To search for Files in Dropbox, click the button icon Search

cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (23)

Then enter the File name you want to find ^^

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cach-cai-dat-dropbox-tren-windows-11 (24)

#3. Epilogue

Like I said above, basically How to use Dropbox on Windows 11 It’s no different from other versions, I’m free, so I rewrote it to remind you of a useful software for you :))

What service are you using to sync data?

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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