Instructions for loading MBR, PBR by BOOTICE to create BOOT capabilities

Instructions for loading MBR, PBR by BOOTICE to create BOOT capabilities
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In the previous articles, I have detailed instructions for how to create bootable for Windows by Rebuild MBR with Partition Winzard software. This is a very simple and extremely effective way to fix the error that the computer cannot boot due to the loss of the boot partition or before you Ghost the computer again.

In this tutorial I will share with you another way to do this. A compact and extremely professional computer rescue software. In addition to the function of creating bootable devices / partitions, it also has many other effects, but I have many detailed instructions for you already. Eg:

There are some typical articles that I used this BOOTICE tool. Well, back to the main content of this tutorial. If you do not know the concept and effect of MBR and PBR, I will briefly explain to you more about it:

What is MBR?

MBR (full name is Master Boot Record), it is responsible for managing the BOOT capability of the device (USB, hard drive …).

=> Simply understand, MBR manages the boot / bootability of the whole device.

What is PBR?

PBR (full name is Partition Boot Record), it has the main task of managing the BOOT capacity of each partition on each device (USB, hard drive …).

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For example the hard drive you are using, it will be divided into many partitions such as drive C, D, E…. then this time, partition C (The partition containing the operating system is the one we need to care about to reload the PBR when a boot failure occurs.) Or if the partition is not C then we will have a separate boot partition, for example System Reserverd or the EFI partition (these partitions are <500 MB in size and are the boot partition of Windows).

Reloading PBR will fix some errors such as BOOTMBR missing, and some other boot errors that I do not remember clearly ?

=> Simply put, PBR manages the boot / bootability of each separate partition.

Need to prepare what?

Still a familiar preparation step, to rescue the computer, we need a USB BOOT. And specifically, in this tutorial I’ll need one.

  • Multifunction usb boot (or choose to create another bootable usb if you like).
  • Knowledge: How to enter Mini Windows (WinPE). This is an essential knowledge in computer rescue, that anyone who wants to rescue a computer should know.

Note: If you create bootable for USB, portable hard drive … then you can download the toolkit below to perform right on Windows, without having to go to Mini Win.

1 / Instructions for loading MBR hard drive by BOOTICE

Note: In this tutorial I performed on the hard drive, other devices such as USB, removable hard drive … you do the exact same thing.

+ Step 1: After accessing Mini Windows, open the software BOOTICE up so we can start doing it.

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nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (1)

+ Step 2: At the main interface of the software BOOTICE, set up:

  • Destination Disk: Select the hard drive where you want to load the MBR.
  • Click on the feature Process MBR.

nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (2)

+ Step 3: Window Master Boot Record appear. You tick the line Windows NT 5.x / 6.x MBR => Then press Install / Config to proceed to load MBR for the hard drive.

nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (3)

+ Step 4: Now there will be 2 options, which are:

  • Windows NT 5.x MBR: You use this option to load MBR for earlier versions of Windows XP (in other words, for older operating systems from WinXP and earlier).
  • Windows NT 6.x MBR: You use this option to load MBR for versions from Windows 7 or later.

nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (4)

That’s it, the loading of MBR for your hard drive is finished.

2 / Instructions for loading PBR hard drive by BOOTICE

+ Step 1: Also very simple, please set:

  • Destination Disk: Select the hard drive where you want to load the MBR.
  • Click on the feature Process PBR.

nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (5)

+ Step 2: Continue, please set up as follows:

  • Destination Parition: You select the boot partition of the hard drive (the device you are using).
  • NTLDR boot record (FAT / FAT32 / NTFS): You use this option to perform PBR loading for Windows XP and earlier versions.
  • BOOTMGR boot record (FAT / FAT32 / NTFS / ExFAT): You use this option to load PBR for Windows 7 and later versions.

=> Then press Install / Config to load partition PBR.

nap-mbr-pbr-cho-o-Cung (6)

Note: Here you choose is NTLDR boot record, in case you Ghost or install Windows XP operating system.

That’s it, it’s very simple like that.

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So I have very detailed instructions for you How to load MBR and PBR for the hard drive or other devices such as USB, removable hard drive … with BOOTICE tool already.

Actually, these are very basic knowledge that anyone who wants to save their own computer needs to know. And of course, this BOOTICE tool in any rescue kit also has, because it is small but contains a lot of useful features.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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