Instructions for using TEDICT, an English learning application on iPhone

There are quite a few favorite English learning apps on iPhone, with the following TEDICT tutorial article will be an extremely interesting way to learn English that you can use right on your iPhone device through very special lectures with TEDICT for iPhone.
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Nowadays, English has become extremely popular all over the world, so the demand for learning English is also increasing, with many English learning software being introduced widely nowadays, users can hardly find it. one English learning software good for you, not to mention English learning apps on mobile devices, but believes that after the following TEDICT tutorial, you will be able to learn English easily. , is most convenient with this extremely interesting TEDICT English learning application for iPhone.

use tedict

How to use TEDICT on iPhone, an effective English learning application on the phone.

Instructions for using TEDICT, an English learning application on iPhone

To be able to use TEDICT on iPhone fluently, we have the following steps to get familiar with the application:

Step 1: Download and install TEDICT for iPhone here: Download TEDICT for iPhone.

use tedict

Step 2: After the installation is complete, at the interface of the application you can customize the features of the application such as changing the language pack, customizing the subtitle font size, auto-repeat…. to be able to use TEDICT on iPhone more conveniently.

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tedict for iPhone

Step 3: After setting up, to be able to get acquainted, use TEDICT on iPhone, press Start.

English learning app on iPhone

At the application interface, we can use including various function cards such as the history of the articles you have watched, the summary of all presentations, the keywords of the articles, the search card and the bookmarks tag. .

Step 4: Click on any lecture, 9Mobi will start with an optional presentation, here there will be 2 cards to choose from. Make Dictation and Play online.

use tedict on iPhone

In which when you choose Make Dictation there will be a message with the content that if you buy the paid version you will have full access to the features… (for example, allowing you to download to your device for offline viewing). If you choose Play online, you will receive a message to choose high, low or default video quality.

Step 5: Besides, when we use TEDICT on iPhone, at the online lecture/presentation interface we will be able to choose the subtitle size, subtitle order by clicking the Settings icon as shown below.

use tedict on iPhone
So we have just learned how to use TEDICT on iPhone as well as how to download this useful English learning application on your iPhone, hopefully with this article you will have one more English learning option. Useful right on your iPhone device, in addition, we also have many other interesting English learning applications on iPhone, you can easily find an application that you love through the top general article. English learning apps on iPhone which can be mentioned in the application Monkey Junior, with Monkey Junior for iPhone Not only can we learn English from the basics, but this is also one of the great options for you to help your child learn English better, you can easily install and familiarize yourself with the application. This interesting application for learning English on iPhone with an article on how to install and use Monkey Junior on the phone has been previously guided by

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