Instructions for using VLC on Android

VLC is a video playback software that is not only used a lot on computers, but now it is also widely used for smartphones including Android operating system.
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VLC can run most formats Video – Audio popular nowadays with very good quality. VLC beta is currently for ARMv7 devices that support NEON Engine, but in the future, VLC will support many Tablets and Smartphones.

To make it easier to use VLC, Taimienphi will guide you to use this great software.

1.Download and install VLC

First we Download Software follow the links below

VLC for Android

– VLC for iOS

love and use vlc

Like other applications, the process of installing VLC is not too complicated, users only need to perform a few steps to be able to install it. install VLC for Android Success. After installing them, we move on to some basic functions and usage.

2. Using VLC

Open VLC, you can see the current videos in your phone are displayed on the right hand side, also in the menu on the left hand side you can open audio , select videos by folder and log files. you saw.

use vlc for android vlc android

Opening a video to watch VLC will show you very clear instructions including: Increase or decrease the brightness, volume, next post, lock screen rotation, increase or decrease the screen size …

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how to use vlc

The top right waveform tool helps us to enter the link to watch online videos that are being played online, this function is quite similar to Sopcast.

vlc for android
VLC is always updated by the developer with new features, you can follow the above method to make the best use of VLC for your entertainment.

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