Instructions for using Wifi Direct to share Oppo phone data

Wi-Fi Direct is a type of wireless sharing connection like Bluetooth, NFC…On phones Oppo has applied this technology to overcome the speed and range of data transmission between phones and between phones phone with other smart devices.
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Wireless data transmission technology such as Bluetooth, NFC… is very limited in terms of distance and transmission speed, so Wi-Fi Direct technology was born to overcome those two disadvantages. Today we will show you how to use Wifi Direct to share Oppo phone data.

Step 1 : Download and install Superbeam for 2 devices that need to exchange data.

How to share files on Oppo phones?

Step 2 : On the Oppo phone as the sending device, select the files to send and click the Share icon.

Share data on Oppo

Step 3 : Select the Superbeam tool to transmit via Wifi Direct.

oppo state data connection

Step 4 : On the 2nd device also start the Superbeam application and select the item Scan QR Code.

Step 5 : Point the front camera at the QR code displayed on the sending device.

Step 6 : After the beep, data transmission begins.

Step 7 : When the file transfer is complete, the machine will notify “Superbeam Complete

With the current Oppo Smartphone line all supporting Wifi Direct for wireless data transmission, performing file transfer will be easier than ever. In addition, please download more games that are being played a lot today like Top Eleven and GT Racing 2

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Source: Instructions for using Wifi Direct to share Oppo phone data
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