Instructions on how to change the Windows 10 Boot Logo

Unlike mobile devices, we users only need to turn on the power once and can use it for a long time afterwards.

As for computers, it is different, we will have to turn off the power when not in use to save power and also to prolong the life of electronic components in the computer.

The computers I’m talking about here are personal computers, not servers

However, there is one thing in common between these devices that is, every time you turn on the power, you will see a Logo while waiting for the system to boot.

Apple’s home goods will definitely be the Apple logo, which is half-eaten, and with computers, there are many forms, but the Windows Logo is probably the most familiar to our PC users, simply because Windows is widely used. the most variable

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (1)

So do you ever intend to change that Logo when starting up? for example, replace it with a picture of a lover or lover for example

Or A very good idea is that you can borrow the Laptop of your lover/boyfriend/crush… (generally the person you are interested in) => then replace the Boot Logo with your mother’s. So every day when I start up the computer, “that person” will see your “bastard” face :))

Well, in this article, I will show you in detail how to change the Boot Logo on Windows 10. If you like, you can apply it to your computer.

#first. What is the boot logo?

Yes, a question that sounds very frustrating! Because the name says it all, it is the Logo that appears every time you start the device, here is Windows 10, which is the one I circled in red in the picture below 🙂

Every time we press the power button to turn on the computer, we will see this Windows Logo before seeing the login screen to Windows 10.

That part of the Loading screen is called boot flag, if you see the Logos of Mainboard companies, or Laptop manufacturers such as MSI, Dell, Gigabytes, Asus, … instead of this Windows Logo, it is because your computer has been integrated by the company. boot flag enter the BIOS.

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The get built-in boot flag or not at all, does not affect the performance of the computer, does it make your computer look cooler with the Logo of Asus ROG, MSI Gaming or GIGBYTES Aorus 😀

In addition, you can completely turn off the display of the company’s Logos in the BIOS so that the computer displays the operating system’s Logo again when Booting. Details you can review in the admin’s in-depth analysis of the Windows 10 installation process!

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (2)

Before going into the details of the steps, there are a few things that I need to keep in mind::

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your data to restore, because you won’t be able to boot into Windows if you do it wrong.
  2. Only works with Windows 10 with UEFI standard and turned off Secure Boot in BIOS, how to determine standard UEFI and Legacy Boot, you can see here!
  3. Only still images can be used to make Windows 10’s Boot Logo, GIF animations are not supported.
  4. Only maximum sized images can be used 300px x 300px, unlimited capacity.
  5. Using the ILoveIMG tool ( to resize images online if you don’t know how to use the software.

In general, you should also have a bit of computer knowledge 🙂 Yes, and if you have met all of the above, then let’s get started!

#2. Instructions to change the Boot Logo on Windows 10

By default in Windows 10, there is no tool to support this, not even the Registry Editor or Local Group Policy can do it.

So we need a 3rd party software called HackBGRT, it’s free so you can go to the Github page here (backup link I uploaded more) to download, the current latest version is 1.5.1.

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (3)

+ Step 1: After downloading, please unzip it => you will get the files as shown in the image below.

Now right click on the file setup.exe => and choose Run as administrator to run the software HackBGRT with Admin rights => This action is required!

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how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (4)

+ Step 2: The CMD (Command Prompt) window appears with an interface similar to the image below, as you can see, HackBGRT has checked that its Windows 10 is UEFI standard and Secure Boot has been disabled in the BIOS.

=> Now press the key I on the keyboard to install HackBGRT software into Windows 10.

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (5)

+ Step 3: Right after that, the software will automatically open the configuration file config.txt by tool Notepad, but you don’t need to care, just close that Notepad window.

HackBGRT will open the software MS Paint right after you close Notepad for you to choose the image you want to make the new Windows 10 Boot Logo.

Default will be the Logo of the software HackBGRT hey => now click the arrow under the . button Paste => and choose Paste from to select the image you want to make the Logo that you have prepared.

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (6)

+ Step 4: Next, you choose the path to the image you want to use as the new Boot Logo => and press Open to put on Paint.

Then tap File => Save to save this new image to file splash.bmp – is the Logo file that will be displayed during the Windows 10 boot process.

Finally, close the software Paint and even the Command Prompt window of HackBGRT, the Windows 10 Boot Logo change is complete.

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (7)

+ Step 5: Personally, I will use the Logo of the upcoming version of Windows 10X with a new Fluent Design design to synchronize with the interface of Windows 10.

And did you notice that the photo I used has the ending JPG with a black background?

Simply because we cannot use transparent background images in the form of PNG To make Logo bootable, you have to make their background black to match the black background of the screen to be beautiful.

The way to create a black background is also very simple, for me, I will open a PNG image with a transparent background using Adobe Photoshop software.


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Open Photoshop software => press Ctr + J to duplicate the layer of this photo => then just fill the entire layer below with black and you’re done.

Don’t forget to click Image and choose Image Size… (Alt + Ctrl + I) to resize the image properly by 300px x 300px before saving if necessary, it’s best to just make sure.

windows-10 (8)

From now on, every time I turn on the machine, I will see this Windows 10X Logo, not the old Windows 10 anymore, it looks vjp pro =))

windows-10 (9)

#3. Restore the original Windows 10 Boot Logo

What if you want to go back to the original Logo? Well, HackBGRT has also included an option for you to restore at any time.

First, go back to the folder containing the file setup.exe As already compressed at the beginning of the article, if you delete it, then take it easy => then right-click again setup.exe and choose Run as administrator once again.

At this Command Prompt window you will have 2 options:

  1. Restore only to the original Boot Logo, press the . key R
  2. Or restore to the original Boot Logo and uninstall HackBGRT on the computer, press D

I just want to restore to the original Logo, because maybe later I will change to another one, so I will not delete it, so I will click R => and then press any key to close the CMD window, that’s it.

how-to-doi-logo-khoi-dong-cua-windows-10 (10)

And at the next boot, you will see the familiar Windows 10 Logo again.

#4. Epilogue

So I just finished the tutorial for you How to change Windows 10’s Boot Logo according to your liking. It’s very simple, isn’t it, it’s also fun to sit back and do these things in your free time =)

Hope you enjoy this article. If you encounter any difficulty during the implementation, just comment below and we will help you. Good luck !

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