Instructions on how to connect a computer to a TV very quickly and simply

Manufacturers have integrated many ways connect computer to tv to provide a better user experience. Have you heard of this interesting integration? If not, follow the article below of HC to know how to do it!

1. Connect the computer to the TV using HDMI

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the connection standard between source devices (laptop, phone, …) to the transmitter (TV, projector, …). Thanks to HDMI, not only image content, but also audio content can be transmitted simultaneously.

– To make the connection, you need:

+ Connect laptop to TV via HDMI port.

+ The TV supports HDMI port, if the TV does not have HDMI, use a cable (HDMI – VGA).

+ HDMI cable or HDMI – VGA converter cable.

Connect computer to TV via HDMI port

– Steps to take:

+ Step 1: You connect 1 end of the “HDMI” cable to the “HDMI” port on the computer.

+ Step 2: You connect the other “HDMI” end to the TV.

+ Step 3: On the TV you use the remote to select the TV’s input source as “HDMI 2” (corresponding to the HDMI port that you have plugged in on the TV).

+ Step 4: You press the Windows + P key combination on the computer.

+ Step 5: Click “Duplicate” and you’re done.

+ Step 6: After successful pairing, you can easily project everything from your laptop to the big screen of your TV for everyone to see.

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2. Connect the computer to the TV using Wifi Direct

– Wifi Direct is a connection standard that allows direct data transmission between devices without the need for the internet.

– Thanks to Wifi Direct, you can use the connection features between laptop and TV such as DLNA, Google Cast (used on Android TV Sony), ….

Wifi Direct projects laptop screen to TV simply

3. Connect the computer to the TV with Wifi Display

– Wifi Display (also known as Wireless Display, Widi for short) is a wireless connection standard developed by Intel that allows you to project your laptop screen on a Widi-enabled TV.

– Before you start sharing data, you need:

+ Computer operating system Windows 7 or higher, using Intel Core i 3, 6, 7 generation 2 or higher chip and using Intel wifi card.

+ Television can connect to the network.

– This method only works with Windows 7 or higher operating systems and using Intel wifi cards. To check if your computer has an Intel wifi card:

+ Step 1: Right-click the My Computer icon and select Manage.

+ Step 2: Then you select Device Manager, click on Network Adapter.

+ Step 3: Here, if you see Intel Wireless information, it means that your computer uses Intel’s wifi card.

You perform the following steps to connect computer to tv:

Step 1:

+ On the TV, you turn on the Wifi Display feature (depending on the TV, it can be named Widi, Wifi Display, Wireless Display, Screen Share).

+ This feature can be available on the home page of the TV, or in the settings of the TV. At this point, you will see the TV name and password.

Wifi Display shares laptop screen on TV what you should know

Step 2: On the computer, open the Wifi Display feature.

+ For Windows 7 computers, you download the Widi software. Then install and open it. Then the TV will scan for a TV that can be connected, you select the TV, enter the password (if the device requires it) and the 2 devices will connect.

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+ For Windows 8, Win 8.1 computers: You drag the mouse to the right of the screen, then in the Devices menu, select Project. You continue to select Add a Wireless Display and then select the TV you want to connect, enter the password (if required) and the 2 devices will be connected.

+ For Windows 10 computers: You press the “Start” button of the machine to display the options panel.

Then select “Settings” and then “Devices”. Here, you choose “Add Bluetooth or other device” and “Wireless display or dock”. Finally, you choose the name of your home TV and you’re done.

Step 3: After successful connection, whatever content you open on the computer will be shown on the TV (both picture and sound).

4. Connect the computer to the TV using DLNA:

– DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is an on-net sharing solution, allowing high-quality image sharing between phones and TVs.

– All DLNA-enabled devices must be connected to the same internet network (or use Wifi Direct).

– To implement this connection method, you need:

Computer using Windows operating system.

+ The TV supports the DLNA connection standard.

– You let the TV and computer access the same internet, then follow the steps below:

+ Step 1: You open the Windows Media Player of your laptop and then select Turn on media streaming to turn on the sharing feature.

DLNA is always chosen by many people to connect laptops to TVs

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+ Step 2: To transfer images, select Pictures and then right-click on the image you want to transfer, select Cast to Device.

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+ Step 3: Select your TV, a message is displayed on the TV, you select OK/Accept/OK (depending on the TV), the picture will be transferred to the TV.

5. Connect the computer to the TV with VGA

– VGA connector (Video Graphics Adapter) is used to support the connection from the computer to the presentation device (projector, external monitor, …) through the cable.

– VGA port supports many standard resolutions such as 640x400px, 1280x1024px, 1920×1080 px, 2048x1536px.

– To connect laptop to tv via VGA port, you need:

The TV is equipped with a VGA port.

+ Standard computer with VGA connection.

+ VGA cable.

+ 3.5mm audio cable.

– The steps are as follows:

+ Step 1: You connect your computer and TV with a VGA cable.

+ Step 2: Continue to connect the TV to the computer with a 3.5 mm audio cable.

+ Step 3: You turn on the TV and computer.

+ Step 4: You use the remote to select the input source of the TV as PC/RGB.

+ Step 5: Press Window + P key combination and select “Duplicate”.

6. Connect the computer to the TV using USB

– USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most common port on TVs today.

– USB port is present on most TV lines. Thanks to the USB port, you can watch movies, listen to music,… with clear picture quality and vivid sound.

Project your computer screen on TV you should not miss

– In order for the computer to connect to the TV via the USB port, we need to prepare:

+ The TV is equipped with a USB port.

+ USB-C cable.

– Follow these steps:

+ Step 1: Connect the computer and TV with a USB-C cable.

+ Step 2: Turn on the computer and TV.

+ Step 3: On the TV screen, use the remote to select the input source of the TV corresponding to the USB port.

With the information HC shared above, I wish you to do it connect computer to tv be successful and have satisfying experiences.

Source: Instructions on how to connect a computer to a TV very quickly and simply

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