Instructions to change sleep time (Sleep) on Windows 10

As you all know, the Windows operating system has some settings that allow users to control how long the computer automatically goes to sleep (Sleep mode) when inactive after a certain period of time.

This is a very nice feature, especially on laptops, but sometimes you want to keep your computer from going to sleep automatically, you want to reset the computer sleep time, or you want to turn this feature off completely. .

For example, when you are in the middle of downloading a heavy file and it takes a long time to complete, or you simply want to hang up to plow a certain game. So how to change the automatic sleep time of the computer?

Okay, in this tutorial I will share with you a few simple ways, so you can apply when needed.

#first. Change computer sleep time through Windows Settings

+ Step 1: You press the key combination Windows + I to boot into Windows Settings.


+ Step 2: You access the link System => Power & sleep. Here you will see 2 main parts: One is Screen, two is Sleep.

  • Section Screen Allows us to change the time to turn off the computer’s screen.
  • Section Sleep help change the sleep time of the computer.

design-lap-lai-thoi-gian-tu-dong-sleep-may-tinh-windows-10 (2)

In this article, we are only interested in the Sleep part. You will see two options:

  • On battery power, PC goes to sleep after: Is the amount of time your computer will sleep on battery power.
  • When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after: Is the time that your computer will sleep when using power.
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Now, you just have to choose the desired time.

Note: For those of you using a PC, change both options above to be the same!

#2. Use Power Options to reset the computer’s automatic Sleep time

+ Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the Run dialog => and enter the command control => then press Enter.

design-lap-lai-thoi-gian-tu-dong-sleep-may-tinh-windows-10 (3)

+ Step 2: You find the section Power Options.


+ Step 3: In the section Balanced, you click on selection Change plan settings

design-lap-lay-out-windows-10 (5)

+ Step 4: In the section Put the computer to sleep, you just need to adjust the computer’s sleep time. Turn it off completely or choose another time.

design-lap-lai-thoi-gian-tu-dong-sleep-may-tinh-windows-10 (6)

#3. Using PowerToys software

PowerToys is a software that helps you change the sleep time of your computer much more flexibly than the two traditional ways above. It is a tool that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s GitHub.

+ Step 1: After entering the download page, click on the file *.exe in section Assets.

design-lap-lay-out-windows-10 (7)

+ Step 2: After installation, go to the software, then find the item Awake. Next tick the section Keep screen on. We will have the following 3 options:

  • Off (Passive): The computer will use the existing system settings to go to sleep.
  • Keep Awake Indefinitely: Your computer will always stay awake, never sleep until you change this setting.
  • Keep Awake Temporarily: You can set a specific time for the computer to stay awake.


+ Step 3: Okay, in the end it’s your choice, choose which one suits your needs ^^

#4. Epilogue

Ok, that’s it, I’ve finished guiding you guys 3 How to change the sleep time (sleep) of Windows 10 computers okay then. Hope this article will be useful to you, good luck!

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