Instructions to check *.REG file is SAFE or not?

If you regularly follow the articles available on the Knowledge Sharing Blog, the file probably has the format *.reg It’s already too familiar to you, isn’t it?

To understand more about the *.reg format, please read this article by Admin again: What is the Registry? Complete Guide to Regedit on Windows

File *.reg is a list of customizations for the Windows Registry, it is very convenient to change simple keys, helping you to customize and deeply interfere with the system.

However, it has potential dangers if you make a mistake, set it up wrong, or when you download a file. *.reg at an unauthenticated site then use it.

That’s why today, I will show you how to check the *.reg file before using it. This is very much needed!

#first. What is a *.reg file?

As I said above, the *.reg file is a list of all the customizations for the Windows Registry to add or remove a certain component in the Windows system, and you can also add software or data from outside. Tuesday.

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There are customizations that you can only edit through the Windows Registry (sometimes still editable through Local Group Policy).

However, only premium versions like Windows Pro, Windows Enterprise or Windows Education can access Local Group Policy. But most computers with built-in copyright today only have Windows 10 Home pre-installed.

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With the Windows Registry, you can completely edit it manually using the Registry Editor. However, this editing method is very confusing for those who do not have much computer knowledge.

So tutorial sites will provide *.reg files to simplify Registry editing with just a few mouse clicks.

#2. Why can the *.reg file be dangerous to the computer?

File *.reg contains a list of advanced settings in the Registry. When launching this file, Windows will add, remove or edit keys in the Windows system according to the existing settings of that *.reg file.

Therefore, if the *.reg file is corrupted, or its creator intentionally creates a file to damage the computer, the consequences will be very heavy.

If you do not have experience in handling it, you will usually have to reinstall Windows because the error is too severe or a certain component in Windows is damaged and does not work properly anymore.

#3. How to read the contents of the *.reg . file

To read the file contents *.reg It’s very simple, you right click on that REG file => then select Edit.

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Then the REG file will be opened with Notepad. Or if you have NotePad++ installed on your computer, you can open it with Notepad++ for easier viewing.

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In the first line is always Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 help identify file types and file identifiers.

Sometimes in the next lines, there will be information or comments of the creator of that REG file. As in the example is:

? Modified by: Tuan ga

It does not affect the REG file at all, it only works for others to read when opening the file with notepad. Those comments are always preceded by the “;” character.

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Next is the most important part of the file *.reg, which is the body of the edits/settings for the Windows Registry.

If you have knowledge about the Registry, you can read and check this section to know if the REG file is harmful to the computer or not.

#4. How to run *.reg file on Windows

+ Step 1: Simply, double click on the REG file.

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+ Step 2: Then a warning will appear, press Yes to agree to the change.

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+ Step 3: The completion message appears, press OK to finish. Then restart the computer to apply the changes.

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#5. How to know if *.reg file is safe or not

To know if a *.reg file is safe or not. First you must know for sure how to use and what the *.reg file is for.

If you are someone who knows nothing about computers then consider running the REG file, unless it is following the instructions of a reputable website.

The next prerequisite and it is also related to the problem that I just mentioned above is downloading the REG file on reputable and censored Web sites. One of them is of course techtipsnreview

In case the REG file is only available on websites that you don’t know much about, try running the REG file on a virtual computer to try it first, or run it in a safe environment.

If you do not have time or do not want to install a virtual machine, please back up, back up the Registry before executing that file. Also, determine the mentality that the worst case scenario will have to reinstall Windows.

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Don’t rely on anti-virus software, because they can’t scan files *.reg whether it is a file that causes errors or destroys the computer.

#6. Epilogue

Okay, so I’ve finished showing you how to check file *.reg is safe or not okay then.

In addition to the knowledge I shared above, if you have more good experiences about this REG file, don’t hesitate to share it in the commnet section so that you can learn and discuss more together.

Good luck to you, and don’t forget to visit the Blog in your free time!

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