Instructions to display network speed on laptops are very easy

In today’s post, shares with you how display network speed on laptop very easy, fast and simple.

To help you display the network speed on your laptop on the Taskbar, you need to “NetSpeedMonitor” to follow up.

1. NetSpeedMonitor Features

To use NetSpeedMonitor, you need to be running Windows XP or later. The program was developed for an earlier version of Windows, but if you use Windows 10, you can run the program in compatibility mode if you don’t have it installed.

Display network speed on laptop when talking about NetSpeedMonitor feature

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You must make sure to download the correct program to run it. The filename will end with x64_setup. If you use a file ending in x86_setup, it won’t run on Windows 10 even if you’re already using compatibility mode.

NetSpeedMonitor does not have many additional features, so it is very easy to use with just a few basic operations. The plus point here is that it also has no ads.

2. Install NetSpeedMonitor to display network speed on laptop

Step 1: You need to download and install NetSpeedMonitor laptop.

Step 2: If you see the following message appear on your laptop: “Operating system not supported error”, you need to run the application in laptop compatible mode.

Step 3: To run it in compatibility mode, find the downloaded file in “File Explorer” and right click to select “Properties“.

Step 4: You immediately click on the tab “Compatibility“.

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Display the network speed on the laptop you need to install NetSpeedMonitor

Step 5: Continue, select “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and make sure the option below is “Previous Versions of Windows” is to be.

Step 6: You click on “Apply” and “OK” to save it.

Step 7: Reinstall the program.

Step 8: When installing the program, a message appears asking if you want to add the bandwidth monitoring toolbar to “Taskbar” are not? If yes, please click on “Yes“.

Step 9: The configuration window appears so you can change the language, network adapter. If the settings are correct, click on “Save“next.

Step 10: When the button “Savethe upload and download speed bar will appear on the right “Taskbar“So you’re done.

3. Use NetSpeedMonitor to display network speed on laptop

By default, NetSpeedMonitor measures Internet speed using Kbit (Kilobit). You can change it to Mbit (Megabit) because most Internet service providers announce the speed in Megabit/sec.

Display network speed on laptop when using NetSpeedMonitor

To change this setting, right click on the desktop display network speed on laptop on Taskbar => Select “Configurationthen click the drop-down menu next to “Bitrate” and select “Mbit/s” => Press “Apply” to apply the change.

When you open the configuration window, you can adjust other things like font, size, and toolbar alignment.

So we have shared how display network speed on laptop very easy. Thank you for watching.

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