Instructions to enlarge the screen of phones, Windows computers, Macbooks easier than ever

Even if you are a technology fan, sometimes you will be confused about how to enlarge the screen of some devices. Please refer to the following ways with GhienCongList if you are having trouble finding a solution.

Many times you will encounter situations that make you uncomfortable when the text is displayed too small on the screen. If this situation goes on for a long time, it will affect work and even eye health. This makes your experiences unsatisfactory. With how to enlarge the screen but GhienCongListen coming soon will eliminate those problems easily.

How to enlarge the computer screen

How to magnify the Windows 10 screen

How to manually enlarge the Windows 10 screen

To quickly enlarge the Windows 10 computer screen, you can follow these steps:


Step 1: First, you right click go to the Desktop, then select Display settings.

how to enlarge the screen


Step 2: In this section you continue to choose Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

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how to enlarge the screen


Step 3: You can enlarge the screen with the default sizes of 100%, 125%, 150%…

how to enlarge the screen

Step 4: To choose the size that suits you, select the item Advanced scaling settings. Here you can optionally adjust it to your liking, then just press Apply is that your Win 10 computer will display the size you want.

how to enlarge the screen

How to enlarge Windows 10 screen with Magnifier

You can also zoom in on the screen quickly by pressing the following key combinations:

  • Ctrl + Alt + M: Switch to view mode.
  • Ctrl + Alt + F: Switch to Full screen mode.
  • Ctrl + Alt + L: Switch to Lens mode.
  • Ctrl + Alt + D: Switch to Docked mode.


In there:

  • Full Screen: Magnify full screen.
  • Lens: Magnify around the mouse pointer area. Only when you drag the mouse anywhere, the size of that area is adjusted, the other areas keep.
  • Docked: Allows you to magnify part of the screen, the rest will be kept the same size.

How to enlarge Windows 7 computer screen

Step 1: First you right-click on the Desktop, then select Screen resolution.

Step 2: Next you click Make text and other items larger or smaller.

Step 3: To choose to zoom in and out of the screen to fit your needs, you can choose 1 of the following 3 options: Smaller, Medium, Larger. You press select Set custom text size (DPI) if you want to enlarge the Desktop screen by the percentage you choose.

Step 4: Finally, you press Apply to save the changes.

In case your Win 7 computer requires Log Off for those changes to be saved. You just need to Log In back to the Desktop, now the font size has been enlarged.

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How to magnify the Macbook screen

Use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge the Macbook screen

First you have to make sure you have enabled zooming with keystrokes Option + Command + 8. Then you just need to press the following key combinations to get the right Macbook screen size as desired.

  • Option + Command + Plus Sign (+): Enlarge the screen.
  • Option + Command + Minus (-): Minimize the screen.
  • Option + Command + Minus(): Enable or disable image sharpening.

How to Enlarge the Screen

However, depending on the Macbook line, there may be different Zoom commands.

Use the Zoom feature in the settings

Alternatively, you can Zoom your macOS computer screen by clicking settings and following these steps:

Step 1: Open select System Preferences, then click to select Accessibility.

how to enlarge the screen

Step 2: On the settings section on the left, find the item Enlarge (Zoom).

Step 3: Then will appear some Zoom features that you can turn on or off.

In addition, depending on the purpose of use, you can turn the features on and off Scroll gesture (Zoom in when switching) and Zoom follows the keyboard focus.

Enlarge the screen
Step 4: Select Zoom type in the selection menu Zoom Type.

Magnify the screen with the Touch Bar

Step 1: Access the Zoom settings as instructed in the description above.

Step 2: Tap the bar TouchBar with one finger and hold until the Touch bar zoom in and out icon appears.

Step 3: Hold your finger on the screen and on the icon until the icon is selected.

The TouchBar equipped on the Macbook Pro series is really useful, you can also do many other things not only magnify the screen.

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How to enlarge the Android screen

How to enlarge the Android screen

You can magnify your Android phone’s screen simply by setting Triple Touch:

Step 1: Click on Setting. Select item Support.

Step 2: Click Improved visibility. Then select mode Enlarge.

Step 3: Select item Tap the screen three times to zoom in.

How to turn off Android screen zoom

To turn off screen magnification, you just need to do the same as the 3 steps above. To the third step, in the section touch the screen three times, you swipe the horizontal bar to the left to turn off this mode.

How to enlarge the iPhone screen

How to enlarge the iPhone screen

To enlarge the iPhone screen, you need to follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Enter Setting, press select Display & Brightness.


Step 2: Select item See under Screen Zoom.

Step 3: Choose Zoom, press Put.

Step 4: Select Use zoom you are done.


How to turn off the iPhone screen magnification

You need to perform the following steps to turn off screen magnification on iPhones.

Step 1: You click Setting. Next choose General.

Step 2: Choose Accessibility.

Step 3: Click Zoomthen switch mode ON wall OFF. Your iPhone screen will return to the original display mode.

How to magnify the screen with keyboard shortcuts you can try
Ctrl + or Ctrl –

To enlarge the screen of browsers in Windows such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, all go through the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Open the browser you want to choose.

Step 2: You keep CTRL and press the . key + on the keyboard to enlarge the web browser screen.

Step 3: Hold CTRL and key to zoom out.

Here, you can zoom in and out to the size you want. Then the Zoom command is usually also available in the browser’s menu.

Hopefully the above sharing on how to enlarge the phone and laptop screen will partly answer your questions. GhienCongList hopes you will apply these operations on your electronic devices easily.

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