Instructions to reinstall LAN for Windows XP are easiest to understand

Instructions to reinstall LAN for Windows XP are easiest to understand

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Well, I don’t know if at this point there are still many more people using Windows XP. I haven’t used it for about 5 years, it’s been a while and I forgot a lot of good tricks about it 😀

As you know, the installation of LAN on Windows 7 and above is quite easy, and I also have a very detailed tutorial already, if you do not know, you can read it again. However, for the Windows XP version it is different install LAN on Win XP This is a bit tricky because the user interface is a bit complicated. And when using, you may encounter an error that you cannot see other computers in the same LAN to share data as well as retrieve data from the server.

If you are having trouble reinstalling LAN for Windows XP, this is probably the best article for you. In this tutorial I will share with you how to reinstall LAN (Network) for Windows XP in the most detailed, and anyone can do it easily.

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  1. Switch between WORDGROUP and MSHOME on Windows XP.
  2. Reinstall LAN.
  3. Rename the computer on Windows XP.

=> Here are some simple but very effective ways to fix errors related to computer LAN.

How to reinstall LAN on Windows XP

Okay, here is a detailed tutorial. If you cannot see other computers on the same LAN, please do the following steps one by one.

+ Step 1: First, please install icon display My Network Places outside the desktop for us to be easy to use.


Right click on the screen Desktop => select Properties. A new window appears => you switch to tab Desktop => select Customize Desktop... as shown below.


Here, check the icons that you want to display on the Desktop. Here I will show all => press OK to agree.


+ Step 2: Now open your LAN, click on it My Network Places. Now the window Workgroup appear.

Normally, to see the computers on the LAN, click View workgroup computers.

If you can see other computers on the same LAN then that’s fine, but if you can’t see any other computers besides your computer, now you need to reinstall LAN for the computer.

To reinstall, click on Set up a home or small office network as shown below.


+ Step 3: Press Next to continue.


+ Step 4: Continue to press Next.


+ Step 5: Here you leave the default Yes, use the exiting shared connection for this computer's internet access => press Next


+ Step 6: In the section Computer name you can rename the computer (if you like) => click Next to continue.


Step 7: Okay, this is quite important for Windows XP. Please see the other computers on the LAN using WORDGROUP good MSHOME to be able to see their computer.

In this case I will let it be MSHOME => press NEXT


+ Step 8: Checked Turn on file and Printer sharing to agree to share the printer connected to your computer (if any) => press Next.


+ Step 9: Continue to press Next.


+ Step 10: You choose the last line that is Just finish the wizard; I don't need to run the wizard on other computers => press Next to continue.


+ Step 11: Press Finish to finish the installation.


+ Step 12: Finally, a window appears and asks you to restart your computer to apply changes. Please restart your computer to see the results.


How to rename the computer and change Wordgroup for Windows XP

In case you want to change the computer name or change Wordgroup for the computer, you do as follows:

Perform: Right click My Computer => select tab Computer Name => select Change.....


In section:

  • Computer name: You can rename the computer here.
  • Wordgroup: You can switch from Wordgroup to Mshome or vice versa.



So I just gave you very detailed instructions how to install LAN for Windows XP and that. A very useful trick if you often have to work with that LAN.

With this way, you can effectively fix the error of not seeing other machines on the same LAN. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.

Good luck !

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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