iPhone 8, 8 Plus sound error

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have just been released, but many users are having problems with the sound when making calls. Specifically, the squeaks, poor sound quality and appear more often when users call Facetime. The following article is the solution to fix the iPhone 8, 8 Plus sound error that 9mobi wants to share with readers who are using this device.
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As reflected by many iPhone 8, 8 Plus users, when using these devices to make calls, they hear a few strange sounds, intermittent popping sounds during the call. electricity. This strange sound is very annoying when making regular calls and Facetime, but these strange sounds do not occur when using headphones or turning on external speakers when making calls. This makes it more likely that this is a software-related error, rather than a hardware fault on the device. That’s why the following article, 9mobi will give you ways to thoroughly fix iPhone sound loss error on iPhone 8, 8 Plus. Invite readers to follow along.

iphone 8 8 plus sound sound

Fix iPhone 8, 8 Plus sound error


1. Reboot the device
Most users know that mobile devices in general and iPhone 8, 8 Plus in particular, after restarting, will work faster, even handle a lot of simple errors that occur on the device, but they are not. forget that.

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So now you just need to press the power button for a few seconds and drag the slider from left to right when it appears. With the phone turned off, press and hold the power button to turn the phone back on. Restarting the device doesn’t affect any of your personal data, so don’t worry too much.

2. Update new iOS version

Apple has just released the iOS 11.0.2 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This is the second patch since iOS 11 was available for download in September. It is known that this version will fix many bugs that annoy users and especially iOS 11.0.2 will fix bugs that many recently encountered. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus users complain that it is an error of hearing annoying sounds while on a call.

iphone 8 8 plus sound sound 2

To update the phone software to the new version, readers just need to visit Settings (Settings) >General (General Settings) >About (Introduction) >Software Update (Update software) and click Download and Install.

Note: Readers, please connect to a stable internet source and the battery capacity is over 50% or the battery is charging.

3. Turn off Bluetooth
Bluetooth is another thing that can create this sound problem. The reason is that if you connect your phone to a Bluetooth headset frequently, what happens afterward is that the iPhone connects to the headset whenever the device is within range. And so, it directs all audio to the Bluetooth headset via Airplay mirroring. As a result, the audio starts routing through the Bluetooth headset rather than your iPhone.

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iphone 8 8 plus sound sound 3

So the best idea is to turn off the Bluetooth connection when you are not using it. This can be done by entering Settings (Settings) >General (General Settings) >Bluetooth and turn off this option. Or you can quickly access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center and clicking the Bluetooth icon.

4. Clean the device

You need to make sure that your iPhone 8, 8 Plus device is clean. In any case, the dust that often accumulates on the speaker or the lighting port will affect the sound quality of the device to some extent. So, if you are in this situation, use a soft brush with fine bristles and clean the equipment properly.

5. Remove the phone case

Are you using a phone case and facing an iPhone 8, 8 Plus sound problem? If so, remove this case to recheck the current call sound quality. Although most phone cases are designed quite well and rarely do not fit the device, many poor quality cases make the audio transmission on the iPhone unstable.

Above are 5 ways to fix sound errors on iPhone 8, 8 Plus that readers can apply to their devices so that they can continue as well as comfortably chat and interact with relatives and friends without any problems. Worried about this sound problem anymore. In addition, on the market today, iPhone 8, 8 plus products are widely sold by many people in the name of portable goods. To avoid risks, readers need to consider and equip themselves with a bit of knowledge before spending a large amount of money buying this hot device. The article on how to check the origin of iPhone 8 that 9mobi recently shared is a small part of checking the device before buying that readers should refer to.

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In addition, when using iPhone, users will encounter many different errors, in which the iPhone battery failure error causes users a headache because if they encounter this error. You will not be able to use your iPhone, to fix the iPhone battery charging error, you have to find out the causes first before having an effective way to fix it.

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