Latest Anime Fighting Simulator Code and how to enter

Anime Fighting Simulator, the name of the game just heard, you can tell that this is a game of the anime genre, the game genre is very popular on Roblox. Typically some games such as: Anime Run Beta, Ro Infinite Zero, Last Pirates…

If many other anime games only take an anime theme, Anime Fighting Simulator brings together many highlights of many anime together. With such a diverse content, there will be more options for players than just one anime genre.

Basically, in Anime Fighting Simulator, your character will train and choose strength in many different genres to become the strongest fighter. You can choose whether to use weapons or not.

An indispensable help in Anime Fighting Simulator is the code. Code in the game will help players increase XP and Yen, these two factors are the core to help your character gain more power. If you are looking for the latest Anime Fighting Simulator codes, they are below.

Code Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 and how to enter

Latest Code Anime Fighting Simulator wiki

  • SuperLikes – 15 minutes boost Yen
  • ManyLikes – 15 minutes boost Yen
  • BronzePiece_ – 15 minutes XP boost
  • RealDaireb – 15 minutes boost Yen
  • Sulley – 30 minutes boost Yen

code anime fighter 2021

How to enter code Anime Fighters Simulator

In the main interface, at the list of game feature icons, select the familiar bird icon. If you don’t see this icon, you can select the up and down arrow icon in the toolbar to find it.

code anime fighter 2021

The code entry table appears, enter the game code in the CODE box and press Enter below for the code to take effect.

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code anime fighter 2021

Code Anime Fighter Simulator is case sensitive, so please enter the correct characters in the code input box. Or simply copy the code above and paste it into the code input box. The code has a time limit, so enter it quickly

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