Latest Cloud Song Code and how to enter

Cloud Song: Van Thanh Chi Ca is a reincarnated MMORPG (Isekai) mobile role-playing game that is attracting attention on the iOS and Android app charts. Here you will find the same similarities as in the game Ragnarok X : Next Generation.

Even the gameplay and character classes are still somewhat similar to Ragnarok X: Next Generation. You can be Archer, Mage, Wizard, Swordsman and Assassin.

In Cloud Song, you can upgrade Pet Pet to both improve its appearance but also increase its strength. Together to overcome the copy, PvP, family … especially there is a marriage feature in the game.

As a new game appearing in Vietnam, gamers are definitely paying attention to the giftcodes for newbies in Cloud Song. Here is the list of Cloud Song code: Van Thanh Chi Ca and how to enter the code.

Giftcode Cloud Song: Van Thanh Chi Ca and how to enter

  • CSEVENT111
  • CSSHARE123

Step 1: Visit the link to enter the code below and log in to the account you played in Cloud Song.

bar code valve

Step 2: Enter one of the codes above and select the server to play with the character you want to receive gifts from.

bar code valve

The successful code change message appears as shown below, the code is still valid.

bar code valve

Step 3: Then re-enter the game, if it is running in the background, you must exit the game completely and re-enter the game. Select icon You near the chat box below.

bar code valve

Step 4: In the window You, please select the item Letters and check the mail sent by the system. Then choose Take to receive a death letter from giftcode.

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bar code valve

Certainly, players will need more time to get used to Cloud Song: Van Thanh Chi Ca. Although this MMORPG is no different from many current MMORGP titles, there are additional gifts from the giftcode that will help you go faster in the game.

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