Latest Fruit Warriors Code and how to enter

Fruit Warriors game code with lots of Beli double codes, tokens and gold coins for gamers when participating in playing Fruit Warriors on Roblox.

Game Roblox Fruit Warriors
Game Roblox Fruit Warriors

Games Roblox Fruit Warriors is a browser-based fruit-themed SRPG game published by 37Games. In the game, players will be transported to a beautiful cartoon-style planet and teamed up with dozens of lovely, cute fruit-shaped characters ready for a whole new adventure. Players can travel anywhere in a fantasy fruit-shaped game world. Possessing any powerful mount will improve the player’s fighting skills and help to move faster. In addition, joining a guild of adventurers allows the player to establish your fruit empire in Fruit Warriors. Here is a list of Fruit Warriors codes and instructions on how to enter the code for you.

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Fruit Warriors code list

  • DAILYHOTFIX1: Get 30 minutes of double Beli and EXP
  • BROKENCODES: Get 1 Hour Double Beli, EXP and 5000$
  • RELEASE: Get 5 Tokens

How to enter Fruit Warriors giftcode

  • Step 1: Open Fruit Warriors on Roblox and click Settings in the lower left corner of the main interface.
  • Step 2: At the interface Settings Please enter it correctly or copy the code provided above and paste it in the empty box Type Code Here.
  • Step 3: Press the Redeem button and receive the reward immediately if the code is successfully redeemed.
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