Latest Glory Mainland Code and how to enter

Mainland Glory is a product from the game publisher Funtap. Players will participate in the journey of reincarnation and adventure into the legendary world in the era of God – Ma chaos.

The game is styled after the European medieval Fantasy style MMORPGs. There are 4 character classes that you can choose from: Knight, Mage, Gunner and Archer. Each character class will have different unique skills for players to choose to suit their playing style.

The game’s graphics are considered to be vivid and realistic, the resources in the game are meticulously and carefully cared for, along with vivid sounds that will bring an interesting experience to the player.

Like many other mobile games, players will have help from the glorious Mainland giftcodes. You can receive money, upgrade items, equipment… from the giftcode that the publisher gives to gamers.

How to receive and enter the code Mainland Glory

Step 1: To receive the code of Mainland Glory, please click on the link below to access the page to receive the code of Mainland Glory.

Link to enter the code Mainland Glory

Step 2: When you are logged in to your account playing Mainland Glory, select All > select Game Mainland Glory.

The code is always happy to die every day

Step 3: Select Redeem the existing code in the general Giftcode section to proceed to receive the code.

The code is always happy to die every day

Step 4: When you select the code to change in the All section, the system will automatically switch to the Change Code interface. And now, select the server > the character you want to receive the gift from the giftcode and select Continue.

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The code is always happy to die every day

The Successful Redemption message appears, so you have successfully changed the code.

The code is always happy to die every day

Step 5: Re-enter the game, if you previously left the game running in the background, then completely exit and reopen. You will then see the Mail icon light up as shown below.

giftcode is long and honorable

Step 6: Select the Mail icon and you will see the Messages sent to you by the system or your friends. The gift letter from giftcode will be titled Redemption Bonus, you can choose Quick Receive to receive the entire gift from the mail.

giftcode forever honor every day

Or you can select each message and select Receive to receive its own gift.

giftcode for good luck

And the gift will be transferred to your Item Bag, which you can check in your inventory.

Giftcode Mainland Glory

Gifts from Mainland Glory giftcode will include currency, upgrade stones, enhancements, equipment, weapons… Obviously these are essential gifts for new players.

In addition to the general giftcode given by NPH specifically for gamers, players will have more events organized by the game publisher on the Facebook Fanpage for players to receive additional giftcodes. Please access the event links in the All section in step 3 to participate in events to receive giftcodes.

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