Latest Gunner Legend Code and how to enter

Gunner Legend is a game with a strange gameplay compared to current mobile games. This is a tactical casual mobile game with very gentle graphics, but the effects and images are meticulously cared for.

You will control your character to overcome the stage in automatic fighting style with a variety of skills. Especially, you can completely control your character with just one finger because of the auto battle mechanism in the game.

Like many current online mobile games, you can also receive a giftcode from the game publisher Legend of Gunners. The giftcodes will be sent to gamers with gold coins, secret keys, treasure boxes, sweepstakes, knitting mixes… Here is a list of Gunner Legend codes and how to enter the code.

The latest Gunner Legend Giftcode and how to enter the code

Current latest TTXT code

Step 1: In the main interface of the character, select your character’s icon located in the upper left corner. Then choose Change to open the giftcode section.

Step 2: Click on the code input box, then enter one of the codes above and select Change.

Gifts from giftcode will be added directly to your pocket if the code is still valid.

Code ttxt

You should enter all the above giftcode before they expire. Although these are just recent giftcodes and they may have a long validity period. But there are also cases where the giftcodes have a limit on the number of entries, so quickly enter all the above codes and receive the reward. Don’t forget to save this article to update the Gunner Legend code in time.

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