Legendary Bao Bao Code and instructions to enter the code

For those who love the turn-based fighting genre, it is certainly no stranger to games with such gameplay and inspired by anime series such as One Piece, Dragonball, Three Kingdoms novels or Pokemon…

Turn-based games have become one of the popular mobile game genres. The upcoming Legendary Bao Boi game is also a turn-based game genre and will attract many Pokemon fans in particular and gamers who love turn-based games in general.

With high-class 3D graphics with outstanding effects, along with a series of Pokemon pet and attractive feature system such as Guild system, evolution, challenges, daily quests, speed races .. .

Like many other mobile games, Legend of Bao Boi also gives gamers giftcodes for new players. To help newbies catch up with the game faster. Below is a list of Bao Bao Legendary codes.

Giftcode Legendary Bao Bao and how to enter

Code for Legendary Treasures of Newbies

  • GLUCK2211VE
  • DENBU29062

Giftcode Legend Bao Bei announced name


Instructions for entering code BBHT

Step 1: In the main interface of the game, choose your character’s avatar.

enter code bbht

Step 2: In the character information section, select Settings.

enter code bbht

Step 3: Select the Giftcode item, enter one of the giftcodes above or the code you received when participating in the event in the game into the code input box on the right and click Confirm.

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enter code bbht

Step 4: If the code is correct and valid, you will see a message that Giftcode has been sent by mail, please accept.

enter code bbht

Step 4: Go back to the main screen select Mail in the upper right corner.

enter code bbht

Here you will see messages sent from the system, including giftcode messages. Click Receive now to quickly receive messages with gifts attached.

enter code bbht

How to get Legendary Bao Bao code through events

Step 1: On the homepage of the Legendary Treasure, please scroll down to the section Report Now and click on it.

Step 2: Choose to login with Facebook or log in with email.

code bbht

Step 3: In the login interface you will see 2 options for Facebook and Google accounts. The reward for the event of registering to receive the code will depend on the milestone of the subscriber.

You will receive a reward when a sufficient number of gamers register corresponding to that gift milestone, each bonus milestone will be a different gift such as Gold, Pokemon, Poke ball, mainland ticket, Color Pokémon Coins…

code bbht

Step 4: Visit the link below and log in to the web code. Then select the event to receive the giftcode.

Link to receive giftcode Bao Bao Legend

giftcode bbht

Step 5: When choosing an event to receive giftcode, you will be redirected to the game’s fanpage. Here you will see the event execution steps and reward code.

code bbht

When completing the giftcode event on the fanpage, you will receive a code from the game’s Fanpage message.

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