Logitech Laser Mouse


Logitech Laser Mouse
For years Logitech has been the go-to company for input devices. They’ve continuously come out with high quality keyboards, mice, and other computer hardware. The MX620 is no disappointment; Logitech focused on integrating key features for the general pc user.

The Logitech MX series focused on creating a unique design to supply probably the most comfort and performance for the user. The 620 provides an ergonomic design that prevents cramping and elevates your wrist which provides extreme comfort while on the pc hours at end.

The mouse design features a curved region where your thumb will rest which allows you to easily access the two programmable thumb buttons. This is really a fantastic feature for gaming, editing documents or just browsing the web, because these buttons could be customized for any application.

Your index and middle finger rest comfortably on the two standard left and right mouse buttons. The mouse’s scroll wheel is just in between these two buttons, and is comfortably accessable by both the middle and index finger. On the left side of the mouse is the “quick search” button. This could be utilized to quickly search through your computer, games, or web browsers.

The material used for the exterior of the mouse tends to make my palm sweaty after a few hours of use. As a rubber of sorts, it almost appears this is that exact same material that’s used on the Xbox 360 controller.

The only other flaw in the design of the mouse is the size. I have a extremely small hand so I don’t experience this, but I feel that users with larger palm sizes might run into issues with the left and correct click buttons not being big enough.

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Overall the design of this mouse is great. It’s ergonomic, comfortable, and all of the buttons are in effortlessly accessible locations. If you can get past having to wipe down your sweaty palms after a couple hours of use, the design of the Logitech MX620 will maintain you gaming, editing document, and web-browsing with comfort and ease.

The Logitech MX620 mouse is great for the PC user who will probably be internet browsing, casually gaming, or editing professional material. If you’re an avid gamer however, you will find much better mice in the marketplace for a comparable price tag.

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