What is Macrorify?

Macrorify is a macro generator, also known as an autoclick program. However, Macrorify can do more than any other automated clicker tool. Thanks to image detection and text recognition, Macrorify can help make user macros as powerful as possible.

Macrorify is a powerful image detection and auto-clicking program
Macrorify is a powerful image detection and auto-clicking program

What is the strength of Macrorify?

Do all the action: Click, swipe, long click, double click, etc.. any swipe or gesture (drag and drop, pinch, zoom, etc..) and allow it to be done with all 10 fingers!

Record and Playback: Macrorify can record your touches and repeat them. This recording can be freely edited, mixed and matched in any order, played at different speeds and intervals. You can even randomize every touchpoint in it.

Image detection: This is what Macrorify does best. Macrorify clicks on an image as it appears and reacts to it when the image disappears. The engine can detect multiple images, one by one, and sequence multiple triggers that combine to produce complex conditional logic statements.

Text recognition: Macrorify can also detect if there is text on the screen and lets you decide what you want the tool to do from there.

Intuitive user interface: Everything from simple clicks and swipes to image detection can be set up in one easy-to-use interface. You can even create your own custom user interface.

Compatibility: You don’t need to root your device! Macrorify works from Kitkat onwards and even in emulators!

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Write optional code: You can write code with Macrorify. EMScript is easy to learn and work with. If you’re looking for your macro maker, this opens the door to limitless possibilities!

Built-in macro store: If you don’t want to do everything yourself, you can also download macros from other users and earn rewards for uploading your own macros.

Some other features of Macrorify

  • Automatically turn off the screen to save battery.
  • Pause and resume macros.
  • Adjust the area you want me to click on.
  • Limit the number of items displayed on the screen.
  • Run specific actions for testing purposes.

New features

  • Add the ability to display text on the screen
  • Added ability to set opacity to control game mode
  • Add the ability to perform actions: Back (come back), Home (home page), Recents (recently), Notification (notification), Power dialog (source dialog), lock screen, Quick Settings (quick settings), take a screenshot
  • Added ability to open another app
  • Add the ability to crop, resize, rotate, grayscale an image
  • Add an annual subscription at a discounted price
  • New language support: Vietnamese

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