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Minecraft Bedrock has a sequence of commands that can perform in-game actions. It could be anything from teleporting objects to changing the weather, clearing player inventory, creating more building blocks, etc.

Using commands can automate the process of playing in the game, it certainly saves the player a lot of time and makes the world creation process much more enjoyable.

There are two ways one can use Minecraft Bedrock commands. A simple way is to open the chat window and enter the command you want to use. All commands begin with “https://quantrimang.com/” and note that they are case sensitive.

Another way to execute commands is to use “Command Blocks”. Because command blocks are capable of triggering a wide range of different command inputs. Below is the Minecraft Bedrock command.

How to enable the Minecraft Bedrock . command

To be able to use the command, the player must first enable “cheat” before entering their world. The process is pretty easy as it will have your achievements disabled. To do so select “Settings”, “Cheats” and select Active Cheats.

minecraft command

Because the commands in Minecraft Bedrock are like a programming language in a way. Players who are not familiar with how things work may feel a bit overwhelmed at the start. Even seasoned players can experience some problems when running commands.

Minecraft Bedrock Lệnh Command

Press T or Enter on Minecraft Bedrock on PC and the button to the left of the Xbox controller to enter the cheat.

/abilityGrant or revoke abilities to players
/alwaysdayStop or resume the day and night cycle
/camerashakeCreate camera shake effect
/changesettingChange dedicated server settings
/clearRemove items from player’s inventory
/clearspawnpointRemove spawn points
/cloneCopy blocks and create them in another location
/connectConnect to websocket server
/deopRemove operator status from player
/dialogueOpen NPC dialogue
/difficultyChange the difficulty of the game
/effectAdd/Remove status effects
/enchantEnchant the selected item
/eventTrigger an event
/executeExecute another command
/fillFill the area with blocks
/fogChange the color of the fog
/functionCreate any function in the game
/gamemodeChange Gamemode in game
/gameruleSet the rules of the game
/gametestTest items and features in the game
/giveGet in-game items
/helpDisplays a list of available commands and information about them
/immutableworldSet the world state to immutable
/kickClick a player
/killKill any entity
/listList of players
/locateLocate the nearest structure
/meShow a message
/mobeventEnable or disable event mobs
/musicAllows the player to play tracks
/opProvide player operator status
/opsReload or show permission list
/particleCreate item spheres
/playanimationTurn on player animations
/playsoundTurn on the sounds in the game
/reloadReload in-game functions, items, and achievements
/replaceitemReplace in-game items
/rideChange the moving entity
/saveSave the progress in the game
/drunkShow chat window in Multiplayer mode
/scheduleSchedule the execution of a function
/scoreboardScoreboard Management
/setblockChange a block
/setmaxplayersChange the maximum number of players that can join
/setworldspawnSet spawn points in the world
/spawnpointSet a player’s spawn point
/spreadplayersScatter entities around the map randomly
/stopStop all server activities
/stopsoundStop all sound
/structureSave and upload structures
/summonSummoning an entity
/tagEntity Tag Control
/teleportEntity Teleportation
/tellrawShow message to player (JSON)
/testforNumber of entities that match the specified target
/testforblockCheck if a block is in that position
/testforblocksCheck if the blocks in two areas match
/tickingareaList, add, remove marked areas
/timeChange world time
/titleChange screen title
/titlerawControl screen header (JSON)
/toggledownfallChange Weather
/tpSame as ‘/teleport’ command
/wSame as ‘/tell’ ,’/msg’ command. Show private messages
/wbEditing of restricted blocks. Same as ‘/worldbuilder’ command
/weatherSet weather style
/xpAdd or remove experience points from players
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The Minecraft Bedrock commands above are not just this one command, but you can then add more specific content behind the command. For example, the command to change the fog can be typed in “/fog @p push minecraft:fog_bamboo_jungle” to change the fog in the style of bamboo forest fog.

minecraft bedrock command

So the commands in this Minecraft Bedrock you can adjust more specifically to your liking. That’s why I say that when you type commands in Minecraft Bedrock, it’s like you’re programming.

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