MX Player

What is MX Player?

MX Player is a great free video player. MX Player’s outstanding compatibility with all types of formats and subtitle management ensures it is one of the best options for users.

MX Player is one of the 9 best Android movie watching apps, high quality, many features that introduced to readers!

Features of MX Player

Good compatibility and performance

MX Player displays videos arranged in a folder structure
MX Player displays videos arranged in a folder structure

MX Player displays videos arranged in a folder structure. To reproduce them as best as possible, the program downloads a codec pack that supports conversion from MP4 and WMV to high-resolution MKV.

MX Player enjoys exceptional flexibility thanks to multi-core decoding that leverages the latest phone and tablet architectures. The ability to display subtitles is good, allowing the use of many formats: SRT, SSA, etc..

Gesture control and advanced options

Gesture control in MX Player
Gesture control in MX Player

If you are looking for a player that is configurable down to the details, MX Player will make you fall in love. In the menus of the program you will be able to access simple aspects such as themes or grouping of videos; as well as other complex settings such as software or hardware decoding, control of color depth or video delay, and subtitles.

However, if what you want is instant actions, then MX Player also has features to control playback through gestures, allowing you to change brightness, volume or adjust the timeline without need to lift your finger off the screen.

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In short, MX Player is an amazingly versatile player, packed with options and the best alternative to the default viewer that comes with the device.


  • Optimized multi-core decoding
  • Compatibility with many formats
  • Good ability to manage subtitles
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Support streaming
  • Enables gesture control


  • There are some ads on the menu

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