Netflix 4K Requires Windows 10 and Kaby Lake Processor

Netflix and Microsoft announced PC owners will now be able to stream Netflix in 4K due to the Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 DRM (digital rights management). To do so, Netflix 4K Requires Windows 10 and Kaby Lake Processor as well as a 4K display monitor/TV.


If you have both Windows 10 and a Kaby Lake Processor, next you will need to have Netflix’s Premium subscription plan in order to receive quality in Ultra HD. Both Basic and Standard subscriptions fall short of meeting the requirement to stream in Ultra HD. If you already have a Netflix account, you can easily upgrade your subscription plan for $12 dollars a month.

Benefits of upgrading to the Netflix premium plan:

  • 1 Free month of subscription
  • HD available
  • Ultra HD available
  • Capable of four active viewers per account at once
  • Accessible through laptop, TV, phone, and tablet
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows

Netflix can be canceled and downgraded at anytime.

Streaming in 4K also requires a broadband connection capable of 25Mbps or higher. Due to the requirement of having PlayReady 3.0, it is also required to have the Windows 10 Anniversary update installed as well.

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