New features in the Translation application on iOS 15

Key features like SharePlay, Safari updates, changes in the Photos app, etc. have received a lot of attention when the iOS 15 operating system was released. But besides that, there are some notable new translation-related features that are also introduced in this update.

System-wide Translate, Live Text translation, and other new options add many useful new functions to iPhone. This article by will highlight everything new with the Translate app and translation features in ‌iOS 15‌.

System-wide translation

In iOS 14, Apple introduced a new Translate app that can be used to translate chats from one language to another, and added translation to Safari.

System-wide Translate in iOS 15
System-wide Translate in iOS 15

In ‌iOS 15‌, translation capabilities are further extended and can be used system-wide. You can select any text anywhere in ‌iOS 15‌ and tap the new Translate option to translate that text into your preferred language.

Live Text

iOS 15‌ adds a Live Text feature that allows your ‌iPhone‌ to detect text in any image or photo on the device. You can select text in the image, and the feature will work just like any other text on your ‌iPhone‌.

Live Text on iOS 15
Live Text on iOS 15

You can copy and paste text and use the built-in system-wide translation feature to translate. That way, if you’re in another country and need to read a sign or menu in a foreign language, you can snap a picture, highlight the text, and select the translation option to see its contents.

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Live Text can be selected and translated in the ‌Photos‌ app, screenshots, Quick Look, Safari, and even a live preview using the Camera app.

Translation app

In addition to the system-wide translation feature, Apple has made several improvements to the dedicated Translate app, which is designed to communicate with speakers of other languages.

Update chat

The Translator’s conversation feature has been updated to make it easier to switch to conversation mode. Just tap the tab Conversation in landscape or portrait view, located at the bottom of the Translation app.

Conversation tab on iOS 15
Conversation tab on iOS 15

Chat bubbles have been added to Conversation mode for easier conversation tracking.

Automatic translation

The Translator app can now automatically translate voices without pressing the microphone button while in Conversation mode.

Automatic translation on iOS 15
Automatic translation on iOS 15

The app automatically detects when you start speaking and stop, so users can respond without interacting with the ‌iPhone‌.

Face to Face view

Conversation view with option Face to Face so that each person participating in the conversation through the Translator app can see only the original content.

Face to Face View in iOS 15
Face to Face View in iOS 15

Improved language selection

Apple has made choosing a language easier through drop-down menus.

The above are improvements to the translation function on the new iOS 15 operating system. Do you appreciate these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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