New Safari experience on iOS 15: Luxurious, genuine, smooth, fragrant

One of the biggest changes of iOS 15 is the completely redesigned Safari browser. The new interface makes it easier to use with one hand when the URL/tab bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, adding a new tab grouping feature and a new welcome page. In this article, invite you and Quantrimang to experience the new Safari on iOS 15.

The new Safari will be available on iPhone, iPad and even Mac with macOS Monterey. Apple says the new Safari on iOS 15 has two main goals: to make it easier for users to control and use with one hand and to put content in the front, center.

You won’t notice the difference at first, but after using it for about an hour, we started to realize that the new Safari on iOS 15 is really handy, natural, and fast. The new interface is also much cleaner and more streamlined.

New interface and basic navigation

  • You’ll immediately notice that the URL/search/tab bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen on the new Safari interface. Instead of the design sinking into the web interface, this time the URL/search/tab bar is prominent with rounded corners.
  • Previous/next button (< >) is placed on the left
  • When you surf the web (swipe down), the tab bar shrinks to the bottom of the screen
  • When you swipe up or tap the tab bar it reappears in larger size
  • Swipe down from the top to reload the web page

  • To visit another website or start a new search, you need to tap on the website’s URL. When the keyboard appears, the URL/search bar will be brought up above Safari
  • Clicking on the three-dot icon the action menu will appear with the buttons Share (Share), Reader (Reader View), Read Later (Read Later), Add bookmark (Add Bookmark)… When you swipe up , this menu will be expanded to show full screen
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Swipe between Windows windows

  • When you want to switch between open Safari web pages, just put your hand in the URL bar / tab and then swipe left or right
  • If you only have one web page open, or the open page is the last one, swiping right will open a new page.

Tabs, Tab Groups and Private Modes

  • You can access the tab window by clicking on the two interlocking squares icon
  • You can search for a tab by typing a keyword in the search bar above the tab window, pressing/holding and moving the tab to sort it to your liking.
  • Add a new tab by clicking the icon + in the lower left corner of the screen or click the green arrow next to the tab number listed to customize the tab group
  • Click a tab or Done (Done) in the lower right corner to exit the tab window

  • To create a tab group, you need to click on the icon showing the tab number in the middle below the tab window. This is also a way for you to access private browsing mode on the new Safari
  • Select new blank tab group or new tab group from current tab number
  • Name the tab group then press OK

Bookmarks, History, Reading List and Custom Welcome Page

  • To access Bookmarks, History, and Toxic List you need to open a new Safari page and click on the book icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  • To customize the welcome page, scroll down and click Edit (Edit)

  • You can reorder items or turn them on/off
  • And the best part is that you can set a wallpaper for Safari’s welcome page
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About privacy

The new Safari on iOS 15 not only updates the interface, but it also adds new privacy protection features. Safari may block trackers from creating user profiles against which to deploy ads. More specifically, Safari also hides your IP address from trackers.

The privacy report is clearly displayed by Safari on the welcome page.

Safari lists blocked trackers on the VnExpress site
Safari lists blocked trackers on the VnExpress site

Thank you for experiencing the new Safari on iOS 15 with Quantrimang!

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