Patriot PYRO 120GB SSD


Patriot Memory has been making memory modules and flash memory products since 1985, the year after the Detroit Tigers last won a World Series title. Building on their flash memory expertise, Patriot added solid state drives (SSD) to their line of products. In June of this year, Patriot released their fastest SSD ever––the Wildfire. Just a couple of months later, Patriot announced the Pyro, their consumer-level, high-performance solution.


Look at the SSD



Lets Jump into quick Pros and Cons ,



  • Fast read/write speeds
  • Easy to install
  • Greatly improves boot and shutdown times
  • Good price/performance ratio




  • No 3.5-inch adapter
  • Gets Slow when filled with huge amount of date


The Patriot Pyro  ships with a minimal amount of accessories. There is no 2.5”-to-3.5” drive tray adapter included and no power or data cables either. All that was bundled with the drive was a “Go Lightning Fast” decal and a basic installation guide / manual.


Lets Get Started


120GB Pyro is Patriot’s least expensive 120GB SATA III SSD drive. It’s geared toward consumers who are looking to increase performance at a price more palatable than enthusiast-level SSDs. With printed sequential transfer rates of up to 550MB/s Read and 515MB/s Write, the Pyro promises quite a performance boost, but does it deliver?



Form Factor 2.5-inch
Unformatted capacity 120GB
Controller SandForce SF-2200 series
NAND flash MLC
Interface SATA III (backwards compatible w/SATA I & II)
Sequential Read Up to 550MB/s
Sequential Write Up to 515MB/s
Max Random Write IOPS Up to 85,000 (4K aligned)
Native Command Queing Up to 32 commands
Trim Support OS dependant
Warranty 3 years
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Some other specifications taken from Patriot Memory site are ,
  • DuraClass™ technology
  • DuraWrite™ extends the endurance of SSDs
  • Intelligent Block Management and Wear Leveling
  • Intelligent Read Disturb Management
  • Intelligent “Recycling” for advance free space management (Garbage Collection)
  • RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements)
  • Intelligent Data Retention optimization
  • Best-in-class ECC protection for longest data retention and drive life.
  • Power/Performance Balancing
  • Thermal Threshold Management
  • Native Command Queuing (NCQ) – Up to 32 commands

Testing and Benchmarking


The rig which was used for testing and benchmarking was based on following hardware ,
  • Intel Corei7 2600k
  • Asus P8Z6-V Pro
  • Corsair Vengeance 1600 8Gb Ram
  • Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
  • Patriot PYRO 120GB SSD
  • Antec 850 Watt PSU


The programs used for benchmarking are ,


  • Crystaldisk Mark
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark


Other way of checking the performance include booting time of windows and program launch time .


The Results


The results of PYRO SSD  are below ,


At Crystal DiskMark, the Pyro tested at 187MB/s Read and 143MB/s Write on the SATA II interface. On SATA III, I got 208MB/s Read and 146MB/s Write. Crystal DiskMark scores are typically lower for drives that use asynchronous NAND, like the Pyro, because it uses incompressible data. Using the less expensive asynchronous NAND, is how SSD manufacturers can offer lower-cost drives. In real life, it’d probably really hard for the average consumer to tell the difference between drives that use asynchronouse and synchronous NAND flash.


The booting time of Window 7 is quiet fantastic . Even after 1 second of booting of window every application starts to run fast and smooth . We must say that Pyro SSD is faster in booting the windows  than Western Digital Caviar Black which is the fast Magnetic Drive in market

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In the End


In the end , we must say that Patriot PYRO 120GB SSD is one of the good SSD drive in the market according to its price . Its not the best of SSD’s but it will do great job for you if you are willing to build a budget mid range gaming pc .
Moreover its better to use as primary drive for operating system . The Patriot PYRO 120GB SSD receives the award from TechTipsnReview for their fantastic work on this SSD .

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