Play Together mini fish and how to fish

In the latest update of Play Together on November 8th. We have added a new fishing rod specifically for the mini fish in the game and with it 7 types of mini fish have been added to give players the opportunity to catch and sell them for money.

So what are the mini fish in Play Together and how are they different from regular fish? You can check out the guide below to know how to fish mini and what time frames can be caught.

The easiest way to mini Play Together fishing, now Play Together mini fishing

Step 1: As mentioned above, for mini fishing you need to have a special fishing rod for this type of fish. If you use ordinary fishing rods, the mini fish will not bite. Buy this sparkly rod at a fishing rod store, currently only this type of rod can catch mini fish.

ca mini play together

Step 2: Equip your character with a Sparkling Fishing Rod.

ca mini play together

Step 3: You can then go to fishing spots near the harbor and start fishing.

ca mini play together

The mini fish are actually rare fish in the Play Together fish list. But they will shrink and their shadow is ball 1, which means the ball is very small and has a pink pentagram next to it. And now fishing for them is similar to normal fishing time in Play Together. You can see Play Together fishing time frame to know when rare fish appear.

ca mini play together

Although the last round of Play Together code has not yet added support for the Play Together mini fishing feature. We will look forward to seeing if the upcoming code releases will add support for gamers with something related to mini fish.

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