[Problem] Folders & Files Open With Google Chrome

I just received the request mail in which the problem described was about the Folders & Files Open With Google Chrome And Computer Slowed , So is solution to the problem .


This issue mainly happens when a malware , infected file or virus attacks your hard disk drive . Basically this is a set of powerful instructions which change the extension of the files and folder of the entire hard disk , from the FAT ( File Allocation Table ) . The virus changes the extension to the HTML (Web Pages) . As the google chrome opens the web pages , therefore whenever you click the folder or any file Windows treat that file as Web Page and open that file VIA internet browser .

As for the Computer Slowing problem this is also cause by the virus or spy ware , virus when gets activated it makes its own copy and makes thousand of its own kind files, which keeps on telling computer to work more and more and thus , computer gets slowed and it performs actions like opening programs , folders or files slowly.

I am very sad to say that there is not turn back for this virus, because entire hard disk is kind of corrupted , So I advise you some following tips

  1. Install a good antivirus or anti-spyware and clean the virus out of your PC (If the issue is still not resolved Then)
  2. Format the entire hard disk , delete the partition and create new partition and then install windows .


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